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Technology meets
A winning combination that
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Media Planning & Analytics
Winning in an omni-channel world
Clueless about which media channels to put your
money on? Our media planning team
has you covered.
  • Omni-channel planning
    Across a mix of channels carefully chosen to maximise budget & deliver on ROI
      Our media planning process includes the careful selection of platforms & channels with automated buying to maximize your budget and deliver ROI. From search engine marketing to Facebook marketing our systematic approach ensures that your campaign works intuitively along with your audience’s journey to purchase.
  • Advertising automation & campaign execution
    Automated set up, budget allocation and optimisation of campaigns courtesy Advertise.Do
      Our proprietary ad automation platform, Advertise.Do, uses machine learning and AI to set up campaigns, allocate budgets and track, analyse & optimise in real time for maximum ROI. All this, constantly supervised by our in-house team of experts.
  • Analytics & insights
    Set up, run, analyse, repeat - adaptive learning is key to a successful campaign
      We track & analyse your campaigns in real time, with insights directly forming the basis of the next optimisation, or the next strategy.
  • Custom attribution models
    An approach that takes into account the complex buyer behaviour of today
      We create custom attribution models that track the customer journey right from the first ad impression to the end transaction, begins online & ends offline, or vice versa.
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