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Case Study
Hiranandani Developers
Hiranandani Developers

“It is important to create customer experiences for life time relationships and that is what we had done with this campaign” -
Manish Gupta, Director- Finance & Commercial, Hiranandani group.


Hiranandani Developers celebrates Diwali at Hiranandani Estate, Thane featuring extravagant light displays every year. This time, they wanted to leverage Social platforms to drive brand engagement & bring people together to celebrate with the Hiranandani community.

“It is important to create customer experiences for life time relationships and that is what we had aimed to create with this campaign”, said Manish Gupta, Director- Finance & Commercial, Hiranandani group.

  • To launch a photo contest to generate more engagement from the target audience.
  • Generating a buzz for the campaign during peak festive days, when most people spend relatively lesser time on devices
  • Generating user engagement offline, via online mediums

“The primary advantage of using Facebook platform for the campaign is that it allows you to do hyperlocal targeting and target specific audience within a geographical area. This is the main reason why we had strategised to run the campaign on Facebook and Instagram”

Vinayak Katkar
Director - Amura Marketing Technologies.

The basic workflows of the campaign were to :

  • To launch a photo contest to generate more engagement from the target audience.
  • To use Facebook and Instagram as platforms for the contest and create visual appeal around the event.
  • To post brand updates and interactive posts alongside the contest updates.

Amura, in virtue of being the leading Digital marketing agency in India, wanted to create a bang on Diwali, quite literally!

In keeping with the brief from the client, we had planned and executed the campaign meticulously, down to the last detail, to create a positive buzz leading to higher engagement amongst the target audience. Diwali being a visual delight, we had leveraged Facebook & Instagram with photo contests.

We used hashtag series - #CarnivalofLights & #DiwaliatHiranandani to drive participation from the audience. Using gamification, we incentivised them with Starbucks vouchers and a grand prize of an Apple iWatch.

The content for the campaign was executed in three phases:

  • Teaser posts
  • Revealer posts
  • Winner announcements

After extensive brainstorming and ideation the Amura team set about creating one of the biggest campaigns in the Real Estate industry.

It also included brand updates and posts inviting people to celebrate their Diwali with Hiranandani.

The content for the campaign was executed in three phases:

  • Considering the visual appeal of the festivities, Amura used real photos provided by the brand of past editions of the event for better engagement.
  • The winning contest entries were also posted along with winner announcements

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

  • Amura kept up continuous interaction and conversations with the participants during the contest.

Visitor posts were constantly monitored and engaged with.

We used the Facebook Map Feature to target only the people who are the residents of the Hiranandani Estate in Thane. We boosted the Photo Contest creative inviting people in this target segment to share their Diwali moments in the Hiranandani Estate. Hashtags were used to increase the visibility of the brand & the activity in the social space. For Instagram, we had used Insta ads with Hashtags targeting people in the Thane geographical location.

Since people were incentivised with gifts and prizes to readily participate in the contests on social media, we got immediate traction with multiple entries / shares. Also, the virality effect came into play as the social shares resulted in a lot of brand stories shared, with friends and family of the residents of the Hiranandani Estate also sharing in on their timelines or sending in their entries to the photo contests. We had also re-posted some selected entries to drive higher engagement and positive sentiment.

Eventually, the whole photo contest campaign became very popular across different geographies in and around Mumbai and Thane


The contest received an excellent response as well as engagement from the target audience.

  • Over 900 entries received for the photo contest.
  • An increase of over 4,500 Likes on the Facebook page of Hiranandani Developers.
  • Over 41,000 people got to talking about the brand on Facebook.
  • Total shares exceeded 1772 for contest posts by Amura on Facebook.
  • 366 new followers on the Instagram handle of Hiranandani Developers.
  • –85 posts with the hashtag #DiwaliatHiranandani on Instagram

The client was overwhelmingly happy with the exponential increase in organic engagement and awareness about their project.


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