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The global healthcare landscape has had to adapt to unforeseen and swift changes due to the onset of the pandemic. The various functional domains within the industry have witnessed sudden disruptions and this has given rise to a new way for marketers to adapt to the current scenario.

Pharma companies today have been forced to adopt innovative strategies to combat the slowdown. Marketing has moved to digital platforms where we are witnessing an increase in remote engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Medical Representatives (MRs) are relying heavily on tech platforms and solutions to connect with doctors.

In such a scenario, where the global marketing dynamics are changing, the need of the hour is innovative MarTech solutions designed for the pharma industry. This is especially true for Rx marketing, which in itself comes with its own set of challenges and constraints. When it comes to engaging the various stakeholders in the Rx ecosystem, MarTech has the right answers.

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  • Current Challenges: Need for MarTech Solutions
  • The New-edge Platform for Rx Marketing
    • Doctor Engagement
    • MR Efficacy
    • Business Goals
  • Reporting & Insights
  • Expected Results: Case Study

Current Challenges: Need for MarTech Solutions

Due to the pandemic, the traditional methods of Rx marketing has taken a huge blow. Doctor engagement has always been a huge problem because of their busy schedule and limitations in tracking information consumption. This results in multiple gaps in the information flow. MR efficacy is another caveat in traditional pharma marketing. Tracking MR efficiency and prioritizing doctors are some of the major problems in this model.

With MarTech Solutions, we can reach out to the doctors with a frequency of 3-4 interactions per day or as per requirement. This keeps the brand in front of the doctors and improves the recall value. The cost of reaching to a doctor is controlled to an unimaginable extent. With the use of right analytics tools, we can track the entire doctor behaviour which is traditionally not possible. Understanding doctors’ behaviour and content preferences, the right content could be pushed to the doctors. This overall solution makes it easier and cost-effective not only to reach out to the doctors but also to keep the doctors engaged in a longer run.

Reach & Engagement in Rx Marketing


  • Calling
  • Personal Visits
  • Events
  • Personal Detailing
  • Brochures

MarTech Soluntions

  • Emails
  • SMS/Whatsapp
  • Ads, Custom
  • Calling
  • Virtual Detailing
  • CMS, Portal
  • Remarketing
  • Webinars

The New-age Platform for Rx Marketing

To tackle all the current challenges in Rx marketing, we, at Amura, have designed a proprietary algorithm for improving doctor engagement, MR efficacy and business revenue for pharma companies. This new-age MarTech platform employs marketing automation and innovative features to create an environment that is conducive for digital ways of working in Rx marketing.

Doctor Engagement

By using a powerful business analytics tool, we can track doctor journey and touchpoints in detail on various platforms and devices.

  • Behaviour on portal, CRM and other platforms can be traced back on dashboard
  • A dashboard for a quick glimpse and detailed overview using funnels, flows, cohorts and insights
  • For custom audience, an algorithm to track doctor activities right from first touch emails even before they have registered

This offers doctors:

  • The right information on every channel
  • Convenience at every stage right from information to logins
  • Simpler meeting scheduling and trials ordering

MR Efficacy

Measuring the impact of Medical Representatives grants the power to effectively use resources to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • A business analytics tool to understand MR efficacy by keeping track of all MR activities from CRM in an organised way
  • All the events being triggered from the CRM can be associated to an MR using event properties and user properties
  • We can create a dashboard based on the important KPIs using flows, funnels and insight tables

This helps MRs:

  • Reach the doctors at the right time with the right pitch
  • Manage and prioritize most valuable doctors
  • Track performance based on defined KPIs

Business Goals

We can make custom reports with data from Google’s marketing services and external sources using a free tool from Google.

  • Visualize your data through graphs and charts for quick and easier understanding on the campaign performance
  • Take your campaign to the next level by implementing ad level performance tracking rather than campaign level tracking
  • Find campaign data from all advertising platforms and Google Analytics all in one place

This offers your business:

  • Full-funnel visibility of the doctor journey to gather important insights
  • Better visibility on doctor engagement and MR performance
  • Deep understanding of campaign performance to make informed decisions

Tracking, Features and KPIs

Doctor Engagement

Full-funnel Doctor Journey


Micro Conversion Funnels

Personalised User Properties


Top Portal Events

Portal Session Source

Nurturing Mailer Open Rate

Nurturing Mailer Performance

Lead Score And Prioritization

Cohort Creation

Reach To Onboard Time

MR Efficacy

MR Doctors

MR Qualified Doctors

MR Call Placed

MR Call Duration

MR Doctors Onboarded

MR Conversion Rate

High Priority Lead Routing

Call And Email Follow Ups

Business Goals

Campaign-wise Spends

Ad-wise CTR


Leads (Doctor Registration)

Portal ECR


Qualified Leads (Doctors)


Proposal Sent

Doctors Onboarded

Reporting & Insights

By collecting data at every touch-points, well-defined events and properties, we can track individual user journey on the platform. This helps us build better reports and dashboards and make informed decisions based on user actions. Business analytics and data visualisation tools help in representing the data in a more structured, informative and easy-to-read formats through charts, tables and graphs. So we can easily determine which campaigns and ads have performed better and make decisions accordingly.

  • Full-funnel Journey

We can track the entire doctor journey across the entire funnel, determine which activities actually led to final conversions and which stage in the funnel had the most drop-offs. Analyzing this gives an idea of what can be improved.

  • Content Consumption

We can also determine what type of content is working for the doctors, when is the content being consumed, how is the response to that content and on which devices are the content being consumed the most.

  • MR Efficacy

Analytics tools reveal activities/insights that have increased MR efficiency, the top performing MRs and how effective are the MR follow-ups across different mediums.

  • Campaign Performance

We get a detailed insight into campaign performances across all platforms, what ad communication/creatives are working the best, how are the campaign spends related to different KPIs and what does the target vs achieved KPIs look like.

Expected Results: Case Study

We used this proprietary algorithm for a new ayurveda startup, designed to help people live a healthier, happier life through a combination of the ancient science of Ayurveda, modern technology and specialised guidance from experts.

We created an engagement portal that covered information about the brand, benefits for doctor, onboarding process, FAQs and doctor testimonials. A doctor form was added for the vaidyas. The engagement portal was integrated with Google Analytics , Mixpanel & our proprietary marketing & sales automation for KPI measurement. The CRM was used to manage the doctors, facilitate the presales and sales team in prioritizing them and manage the nurturing and vaidya engagement.

With Amura’s e-detailing approach, all the major parameter inline with doctor reach, onboarding, engagement, MR efficacy and business goals were tracked and the insights gathered from them improved the overall efficiency.

As compared to the traditional marketing methods,

traditional marketing methods

Final Words

The traditional model for Rx marketing offers limited tracking and insights on doctor engagement, journey and information consumption. There are limited KPIs for MR efficacy (Call frequency, doctors reached, call time, etc) and limited data on engagement platforms, insight on doctor behaviour and business insights. There is also an inability to track MR efficacy properly, thus restricting improvement of the overall work efficiency.

Amura’s e-detailing solution lets you reach out to doctors across various digital platforms and track their engagement with your content and activities. Our proprietary algorithm can help you start tracking custom audiences throughout the funnel from the very first email or SMS. With this, you can onboard doctors in half the time as compared to traditional marketing with an improved efficiency.

To know more about how our new-age platform and how it can help your pharma business, get in touch today!

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