The left brain powering
our creative successes

Technologies we work on

Front-end Technologies
Our chosen frontend technologies strike the right
balance between modern design and an intuitive UX
to give your audiences the most engaging
brand experience possible.
Front-End Technologies
Back-end technologies
Users may not see your back-end code, but they experience
the power of those snippets through frictionless functionality
– from seamless payment forms, to email opt-ins, social
sharing and all the other alluring visual elements.
Back-End Technologies
Mobile Applications
When the larger chunk of your audience is interacting with
your brand via mobile, why would you want to be elsewhere?
Our mobile applications offer interactive and engaging
experiences customised to your audiences.
Mobile Applications
Our carefully-chosen heterogeneous databases cover
the entire spectrum of any organization’s data-crunching
requirements, and can be scaled to match
the challenges of large data sets.
Databases Logo
CMS and e-commerce platforms
Our CMS and ecommerce platforms help you create
and manage a streamlined digital content and retail
experience for your users, across devices.
CMS Logo
Marketing & Advertising
Leverage platforms that integrate all your marketing &
sales functions and channels and leverage them for
better returns on your marketing investment.
Marketing Logos
Analytics Platforms
We use fully-integrated analytics platforms to help you
harness the power of data and insights with
simplicity and flexibility.
Analytics Logos