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Glenmark, India's research-driven global pharmaceutical organisation, partnered with Amura to create a powerful and distinct digital presence and boost online customer engagement.The company hosts an informative digital portal “Skin & Hair Academy”, which also acts as a touchpoint between users and dermatologists across the country.

A user can access tips and trick on skin & hair care, or find a nearby dermatologist to book an appointment with via the provided toll-free number and extension.Glenmark approached Amura with a view to boosting consumer reach, creating digital branded experiences and ultimately boosting enquiries for affiliated dermatologists.

To establish a strong & comprehensive online presence.
To create brand engagement for Skin & Hair Academy, the company’s digital portal.
To generate enquiries for affiliated dermatologists on the portal.
To reduce the high number of call drops taking place because of an undefined user flow in the “Find A Dermatologist” section.
Campaign & Execution

A revamped website

A revamped website

  • A complete transformation of Glenmark's website experience with a more contemporary, user-friendly interface.
  • The new site featured an easily accessible portal for dermatologists, an easy-to-navigate UX and multiple lead generation touchpoints.
  • Amura curated new, refreshing and snackable content in the form of blog posts, infographics and videos that provides viewers with tips and solutions to their skin & hair problems.
  • To represent the new refreshing and healthy outlook of Skin & Hair Academy, Amura brought in a branded video series with a young female anchor. The video series also features interviews with dermatologists and skin & hair care specialists to increase engagement value.
  • The website also features a comments section below each blog. These sections receive a considerable amount of queries, which are addressed swiftly.

A revamped website

Lead Generation and Content Marketing Campaigns
Amura ran 3 dedicated campaigns for Skin & Hair Academy based on different target areas - a regular one targeted to the website, one targeted toward hair loss in women and another lead generation campaign targeted to affiliated dermatologists on the site. 
Before campaigns commenced, the Cost Per Click (CPC) was Rs.9+ and Cost per Visit was Rs.12+. Our target was to bring the numbers down to Rs.6 and Rs.9 respectively.

  • Regular campaign - was run on Facebook, Google as well as leading content marketing platforms such as Taboola fetching over 120 million impressions. The CPC was brought down to Rs.3.39 and Cost per Visit was brought down to Rs.5.24 respectively, which was 60% cheaper than the last best results.
  • Hair loss in women campaign - was run on Facebook, Google as well as content marketing channels such as Taboola. The campaign brought down the CPC to Rs.4.28 and Cost per Visit to Rs.5.49, which was 30% cheaper than the last best results.
  • Dermatologist campaign - was run on Google and Facebook. It brought the CPC down to Rs.3.04 and the Cost Per Visit to Rs.7.11.

Results achieved for each campaign were well below targeted numbers with the right combination of ad targeting, contextual advertising and remarketing.


Power Presence on Social Media​

Amura's dedicated social media team established an all-encompassing online presence (on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram) for Glenmark/Skin & Hair Academy to promote onsite activities. The target for social media was to maximise traffic to the site.

  • Skin score & hair score quizzes - these interactive quizzes, designed by Amura with the help of a professional dermatologist, drove high traction on the website.
  • Video series promotions - the videos were posted on social media and boosted for optimum video views and more time on site.
  • Promoted blog posts - the posts were shared via social media plugins on the site to promote website visits and more views.
  • Calendar events - Calendar events were propagated on all social media pages to boost brand engagement
  • Aggressive ORM - Over 50 queries were answered everyday, received via Facebook messenger, as comments on ad campaigns/newsfeed posts as well as on Instagram and Twitter posts.

The social media strategy also includes engaging contests with crowdsourced content and giveaways to boost brand engagement.

Power Presence on Social Media​


SEO to boost online visibility

For Glenmark, Amura conceptualised quality blogs and articles and optimised them for search engines in order to garner organic readership, viewership and spread awareness.

Cloud telephony with IVR integration

To solve the call drop problem associated with the earlier portal, Amura introduced Cloud Telephony with IVR integration. This streamlined the user experience for callers and allowed them to connect with over 1100 medical professionals and experts at the click of a button.


Increase in reach
Improvement in page likes
Rise in engagement
Drop in CPL