Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing is a process of devising strategies for the entire marketing funnel. This includes creating several sets of experiments at different stages of the funnel & scaling up the ones that work the best.

The below video makes it very easy to understand how the growth marketing approach works. Take a look!

Basically, digital growth marketing is a scientific method that focuses more on the analytical side of marketing. The insights derived from experimentation further help optimize processes and achieve better results.

The thing is when you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, you save yourself from big losses. Small experiments done through growth marketing not only help you save costs but they help you save time too. So the whole idea is to deliver faster results at lower costs by having agile processes and professionals.

The advantages of growth marketing

Growth Marketing Faster go-to-market

Faster go-to-market

With quicker, shorter experiments instead of large initiatives

Growth Marketing Client Focus

Time-saving results

By knowing in advance which experiments are successful

Growth Marketing Better ROI

Better ROI

By scaling what's working, instead of pushing through what's not

7 Steps of Growth Marketing

  • Understanding the Conversion Funnel using Pirate Metrics (AAARRR)
  • Pick Areas of Focus
  • Brainstorm Experiments
  • Prioritize Ideas for Experiments
  • Device Hypothesis for Experiments
  • Run Controlled Experiments
  • Scale the Winning Experiments and Drop the Others
How does growth marketing work?

Consumer Journey

Lifetime Consumer Journey. Engineered.

The objective of Growth Marketing is not only to fetch leads, but it also focuses on creating a lifetime value of consumers. So you don’t just acquire new customers but you also retain the existing ones & turn them into brand evangelists.

With Growth marketing, you can focus on the different stages of marketing - contained in the acronym AAARRR, which stands for Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referral. Experimentation is done at each stage and every stage is made effective with enticing, engaging and personalised content.

Case Studies

Challenges. Engineered.
Bank of Baroda Success Story


Increase in lead


Reduction in lead acquisition cost

25% per session

Time spent on the website increased

How does growth marketing work?
Cipla Success Story


Leads spent more
time on the website

5% to 40%

Online attribution to
sales increased


Absolute number of
conversions increased

How does growth marketing work?
Amanora Success Story


Leads garnered


Site visits

Rs. 312

Acquisition cost

How does growth marketing work?


Growth Marketing Strategy

Growth Marketing Strategy

Strategy is the backbone of a solid marketing plan and this guide helps you lay the foundation of your growth journey. This template includes how to start with the background research and steps to follow to device a comprehensive growth strategy for your business, from setting targets to measuring & analyzing results.

Download Marketing Strategy Template

Growth Marketing Experimentation Plan

Growth Marketing Experimentation Plan

Experimentation is a crucial aspect of growth marketing and this template includes a step-by-step guide on setting up relevant experiments for your campaigns. Sections include how to set an objective for your experiments, device a strategy for it, implementation approaches with KPIs and media plan.

Download Marketing Experimentation Template

Growth Marketing Report

Growth Marketing Report

Reports help in structuring the results of your campaign so that you have the necessary information to analyze their effectiveness. Good marketing reports give you all the data you need to make a decision and take action. This template helps you collate the right metrics that are tightly connected to the success of your business.

Download Marketing Report Template

Growth Marketing Media Plan

Growth Marketing Media Plan

Media Plans involve sourcing and selecting the optimal media platforms for your campaigns. The goal is to determine the best combination of media to achieve your marketing campaign’s objectives, run experiments and allocate budgets optimally. This customizable growth marketing media plan template offers you a performance and experimentation structure for your campaigns.

Download Marketing Media Plan Template


What is Growth Marketing?

Traditional marketing strategies fail to deliver long-term business growth. That’s where Growth Marketing comes in. Growth marketing is intelligent, data-driven marketing that goes beyond the traditional lead-generation approaches to focus on attracting more engaged customers. By focusing on the entire user lifecycle, growth marketing helps in attracting the right customers, keeping them engaged, and turning them into brand evangelists.

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