It is a comprehensive marketing technique that provides a scientific data driven approach across the breadth of the consumer funnel. It is a modulated process that scale experiments, designed & tested, to fit the client’s business needs and long term financial goals.

An essential aspect of Growth Marketing is to integrate strong analytical ability with agile processes to deliver faster results at lower costs.


Growth Marketing Client Focus

Client Focus

Decision making at every stage keeping the consumer life cycle in mind.

Growth Marketing Faster go-to-market

Faster go-to-market

Small modulated experiments compared to large initiatives ensure faster Go-To-Market strategies

Growth Marketing Better ROI

Better ROI

Integrated approach enables better planning & budgeting opportunities

Growth Framework

  • Identify North Star Metric
  • Achieve accurate product/market fit
  • Agile analytical teams driving operational excellence
  • Design & test small iterative experiments for business KPIs
  • Scale successful experiments & analyze data to make decisions at each stage
  • Implement solutions to improve the overall consumer funnel journey
  • Optimise marketing channel mix to reach business goals quicker
How does growth marketing work?

Consumer Journey

Lifetime Consumer Journey. Engineered.

Growth is a product of a well-tuned marketing funnel.
Our growth marketing ideas stem from your specific consumer journey, strengthened with our strategic know-how,
technological expertise & industry insights, and optimised with our data-driven approach to customer servicing.

We understand your consumer journey and optimize it with a healthy mix of services and technology.

Right from awareness to retention, we know that customer servicing is the key to a smooth transition
from the customer acquisition phase (awareness & engagement) to customer retention.
The marketing funnel represents the end-to-end customer services offered
through various digital platforms.

Case Studies

Challenges. Engineered.

Bank of Baroda Success Story

Amura helped Bank of Baroda enhance their home loans offering to new and existing customers by facilitating the online product marketing channel. The growth marketing strategy showed a 200% increase in lead delivery and yielded a 400% reduction in Lead Acquisition Cost. The amount of time spent by leads on the website increased by 25% per session as well.

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Cipla Success Story

Amura facilitated an online awareness campaign for Cipla’s Activkids Immuno Boosters nutritional supplement. The growth marketing strategy employed had a multi-throng improvement in key areas that made it a stupendous success. Leads spend 131% more time on the website. Not only did it see a 128% jump in e-commerce conversion rate, but the absolute number of conversions increased by 850%. One of the biggest success stories was a 700% increase in online attribution to sales from 5% to 40%.

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Amanora Success Story

Amura was instrumental in successfully launching Amanora’s latest offering, Amanora Gold Towers, through a meticulous and Tech-savvy digital campaign that saw stupendous sales right from the onset. 9000+ Leads, 3100+ Site visits & an overall acquisition cost of Rs. 312 were the key outcomes of the growth marketing campaign. It also earmarked an intended brand shift for Amanora from premium luxury to premium affordable.

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