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ActivKids Immuno Boosters is an immunity-boosting nutritional supplement from Cipla Health, designed to supplement kids’ nutritional requirements through a delicious choco-bite format. The product was designed by Cipla in consultation with paediatricians from across the country, basis research which claims that Indian children don’t receive even 50% of Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of immunity nutrients. The brand approached Amura to run a performance-driven campaign that would boost sales numbers and increase market share.

Low awareness amid parents about immunity supplements and preference for home remedies
Low product awareness in the market
Misconceptions about added sugar and possible dental problems associated with the product
Well established competition in the supplements/ MFD market
Campaign & Execution

Our Approach

Once we realised most parents are unaware of the link between immunity and nutrition, we set out to build awareness and disseminate information. We implemented a lifecycle marketing strategy - which included a detailed re-marketing and nurturing strategy - targeting parent queries and concerns at every stage of the purchase journey. This resulted in sky-high ad relevance, increased engagement on site and increased purchases.

Because the website plays a large role in providing the information on immunity essential for educating parents, the site was designed for an enhanced UX and a more interactive, informative approach to our marketing.

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Special subscription programs, offers and rewards increased buyer motivation, while intuitive gamification techniques & user generation programs kept parents engaged with the product. The website has now become a social sharing platform for mothers who are all loyal customers and advocates.


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    How to get my child to eat healthy?

  • Cipla activkids immuno boosters case study image 2

    How to prevent my child from
    falling sick due to weather change?

  • Cipla activkids immuno boosters case study image 3

    How to boost my child's immunity?


Technologies Used

The above audience and communication strategy was coupled with an integrated measurement strategy to connect the advertising data, Google Analytics data and CRM (Sell.Do) data.

Advertising Tech Stack

  • Along with the Google Analytics attribution, AdWords was used for impression-assisted conversions, view-through conversions and other metrics along the path to purchase

  • Communications were tailored according to audience data with different communication strategies for new and remarketing users for each platform

  • Facebook Atlas was used to measure, target, and optimize digital and mobile ads across digital media

Marketing Automation Tech Stack

  • To reduce drop-offs, increase engagement and boost sales, the website and e-commerce portal was optimized with push notifications, buying guide, FAQs section and expected delivery time widget

  • Sell.Do was used to track and nurture leads though SMS & email marketing from all platforms in one place, giving end-to-end insights into each sale and estimating attribution in an accurate manner

  • Mixpanel was used to track user interactions through web and mobile and target communication accordingly. In-app A/B tests and user survey forms were used to build custom reports and measure user engagement and retention

Web-Analytic and Logistic Tech Stack

  • Google Analytics was integrated to track lead forms and purchases through e-commerce. This allowed us to check the drop-off rate at each stage of the e-commerce journey, from visiting the website right up to purchase

  • Facebook Analytics was used to get a deeper understanding of where and how users interacted with the website, Facebook page and more

  • All order and delivery-related data were utilized through website back-end in order to keep a track of all orders and delivery logistics so as to improve consumer experience


Tubs sold in just 3 months
Increase in E-commerce
conversion rate
Increase in conversions
Increase in pages/session