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Amura came up with India’s largest marketing initiative - A Real Estate Flash Sale, to create a transparent & consumer-centric platform to bring together developers and consumers.

About Indian Realty Flash Sale (IRFS) 2015

Amura, one of the largest real estate marketing companies in India, is known for its unparalleled expertise in the real estate vertical, with proficiency in marketing automation and big-data analytics.

After significant campaigns on individual levels, Amura came up with India’s largest marketing initiative- A Real Estate Flash Sale, to create a transparent & consumer-centric platform to bring together developers and consumers. This platform provided a transparent & hassle-free home-buying experience for the customers and offered the best deals in the market. For this purpose Amura had partnered with one of the largest advertising platforms in the world, Google.

The event had been named, Indian Realty Flash Sale (IRFS)

IRFS benefited the developers as the transactions had slowed down due to uncertainty about the property prices. One of the many reasons was that the people were waiting for the market to bottom-out. They were procrastinating their decision to buy a property although they had purchasing power and bank interest rates were also decreasing. For developers, the inventory overhang was increasing and cost of unsold inventory was getting unbearable. Developers were not willing to undertake a huge marketing initiative due to high marketing costs. A befitting solution was to create a positive sentiment that Indian real estate economy is progressive. IRFS helped create this positive sentiment in the market.

The flash sale have been a concentrated marketing effort, targeting national as well as international consumers. This helped boost the real estate economy benefiting both developers and buyers. The perception that we wanted to create about this event was that people should wait for this event to get the best offers, if they had already in a buying cycle or have already thought of buying a home.

The power of online marketing was harnessed effectively to establish a new trend in the Real estate sector.

  • Consumers don’t know which are the best projects and best deals available in the market.
  • Consumers are waiting for market to bottom out.
  • Consumers are sceptical about the credibility of developers, project completion, legal issues etc.
  • Inventory overhang is growing & Cost per booking is increasing for developers.
  • Too much dependency on broker channel for sales.
  • Limited advertising budget and hence can’t go for bigger marketing activity.

Solution : Indian Realty Flash Sale (IRFS)

  • A Real estate flash sale to create a transparent & consumer-centric platform to bring together developers and consumers.
  • A transparent & hassle-free home-buying experience for the consumers & offer the best deals in the market.
  • Concentrated marketing effort at national level with an advertising spending of Rs.3.75 Cr.
  • 360 degree marketing campaign across India & NRI markets.
  • Technology platform to remove middle men & pass the benefits directly to consumers.
  • Best Brands, Best Projects and Best Deals – One single Platform (IRFS).

The central theme of the campaign was : "The Time Is Now"
A first-of-its-kind property sale, Indian Realty Flash Sale, had a communication route with a central theme which was

  • Unique.
  • Applicable to all target groups.
  • Comprehensive about the rapidity of flash sale.
  • To showcase the event as the most suitable time of the year to buy property.
  • Successful in communicating the urgency to buy a home.
  • Able to assure the buyer that the event brought together best deals straight from the developer with no better offers throughout the year.

We wished to tell the buyers that IRFS was the most ideal time to invest in real estate or upgrade their homes. Hence, it suits the end-users and investors alike. This central theme also coveyed the idea that the best developers from all over India have come on board to offer value-for-money deals on exclusive inventory. The idea also strengthened the rush of a 3-day flash sale. It created an urge to gear up for the limited offerings. It certainly enhanced the perceived value of real estate property as it conveyed the idea of best products from best brands across India.

The central theme of the campaign, thus, encompassed all the various aspects of an "Indian Realty Flash Sale". It was short and simple, which helped us improve consumer engagement and boost virality.

Advertising Platforms:

  • Google AdWords
    -Search & Google Display Networks
    -YouTube & Video Networks.
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager – Demand Side Platform.
  • Facebook Advertising.
  • Content Marketing platforms (Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo & Times Internet Native Ads).
  • Direct Buy from publishers (Timesofindia, Money control, Economic Times, Business Standard, Firstpost, Maharashtratimes etc)
  • Radio Advertising across 5 cities – 3 major channels.
  • Database marketing (SMS, WhatsApp & Email).
  • Real Estate Portals (99acres.com).

Technology Used:

  • Ad Technology Platform: Sell.do, DoubleClick Bid Manager.
  • Website/ Portal – Ruby on Rails, HTML 5, CSS 3.
  • Database & Caching: MongoDB, Redis.
  • Marketing & Sales Automation : Sell.Do (Amura’s proprietary platform).
  • Behavioral Tracking & Analytics – Google Analytics, Mixpanel.
  • Big Data – Sell.Do & Mixpanel.

  • Visibility and Reach
    Over 400 million impressions. Reaching more than 4 Cr Indians globally. Very high impact radio campaign to reach more than 1.6 Cr people. Huge engagement and Fan following on Social media Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
  • Media coverage: TV, Print and Online media.
  • Enquiries generated: 32000 +
  • Offer coupons downloaded: 14500 +
  • Total Website traffic: 6 Lac+
  • –Expected GMV of inventory sold: Rs. 900 Cr +
  • –Created a huge buzz and a positive sentiment around the Real Estate sector, which caused an upturn in the market outlook
  • –IRFS proved that a powerful concept like a flash sale could be a huge success in the Indian Real Estate market

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