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Apollo Munich (Now HDFC ERGO)

Indian consumers are increasingly shopping for products from e-commerce websites. However, insurance remained to be a product bought conventionally, that is, from insurance agents. Apollo Munich, India’s leading health insurance provider, wanted to change this buying behaviour gradually. The brand wanted to assure consumers that buying insurance directly from their website was the ideal choice and aimed to drive maximum sales online.

Changing the conventional behaviour of buying insurance from agents
Low awareness for the need of health insurance
Diverse target audience with multiple pain-points
Campaign & Execution

  • Growth Marketing Approach - Phase 1
    1. 2-level customer segmentation for niche targeting

      We understood that there were multiple objectives in front of us. First, we had to create awareness of buying insurance online and drive sales. Second, we had to address the distinct pain-points of consumers spread across a broad age group. So, we primarily segmented the target audience according to age and further into 4 personas based on behaviour psychographics.

    2. Highly personalised communication for increased engagement

      After mapping a detailed consumer profile, we applied the growth marketing framework and created highly personalised ad communication for each segment and buyer persona. Moreover, we were mindful that our landing page would act as the replacement for an agent’s sales pitch. So, we ensured an easy-to-consume landing page copy flow with clear and in-depth information, videos, infographics as well as relevant calls-to-action.

    3. Paid media experimentation to optimise results

      Generating a maximum number of qualified leads was vital for the success of the campaign. We ensured that through accurate consumer targeting and relevant messaging across platforms. We set up media-specific growth marketing experiments to explore the media platforms that fetched the best results and scaled the ones that performed well.

  • Growth Marketing Experimentation Phase 1 Results (20 days)
    1. 20 Lac+ visits were recorded on the landing page
    2. 80,000+ leads were generated
    3. 6% leads registered & proceeded to buy insurance online
  • Learning from experiments to improve results
    1. Though marketing campaigns were a success, the drop-off rate was high on the landing page
    2. High drop-off rate resulted in a high cost of acquisition
    3. The 6-step form on the landing page was identified as the problem. Due to which, leads had to fill multiple details to complete the online purchase.
  • Growth Marketing Phase 2 Campaign Modification

    To reduce drop-offs on the landing page, the user experience was made more engaging with the help of gamification and chatbot. Moreover, previously dropped-off leads were targeted with nurturing email and SMS communication. Retargeted leads were landed back at their respective drop-off points in the buying process, thereby shortening the path-to-purchase.

reduction in Cost Per Click (CPC)
increase in the online purchase
reduction in the cost of acquisition