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Mark Compressors was established in Italy in 1970, and is into manufacturing of air compressors. Today, Mark Compressors is part of the Atlas Copco Group and has a worldwide customer base with local customer centres.The company’s products are custom-made to the actual needs of the industry. Mark Compressors have developed new products which are tailor made for customer demands not only today but for the future as well. Amura partnered with Mark Compressors (part of the Atlas Copco Group), a 50-year-old compressors manufacturing company that expanded its operations in India in 2015, to establish its digital footprint in India.

How does the product work? What are the key differentiation factors for the product?
The market is highly fragmented and the cost of reaching to the right audience is high. So how does a company stand out from the crowd in a cost effective manner.
Building online brand awareness in order to get organic traction.
Consistent communication about the benefits of post sales services to build strong customer base.
Campaign & Execution


  • Increase the brand awareness for Mark Compressors through performance driven campaigns
  • Establish its digital footprint across India and generate organic website traffic
  • Showcase the product USPs & post-sales services through consistent communication
  • Reach out and generate interest among small & medium enterprises as well as dealers

mark compressor case study



  • Created a new responsive website showcasing the company's experience with compressors, distinct categorisation of the product ranges, geo-tagged dealer locator, benefits for dealers for partnering with the brand
  • Ensured that the website is easy to navigate with an adequate call to action at suitable locations based on the path to purchase. Ensured that the user reaches the desired information with minimal clicks (As per digital thumb-rule, 3 clicks) 


  • Utilized On page & Off page SEO activities to increase the organic ranking of some of the high relevance and high volume keywords


  • Identified the decision-making unit and thereby leveraged paid media channels like Google Search, Google Display, Facebook & LinkedIn Leadgen to target these consumers


  • Established a strong social media presence by leveraging #MakeYourMark and propagating engaging content. Ensuring that each post has adequate reach via paid & targeted promotions. Promoting the FB page to get initial momentum in terms of likes


Leads generated
Rs 850
Cost per lead
Rs 0.78
Cost per engagement
Monthly website visitors