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In India, one out of 3 adults are hypertensive and 50% of those are not aware about their condition. It is very essential to make people aware about it so that they can manage and control their BP. With this vision we launched BPinControl - A one stop reliable portal for expert information on all queries related to hypertension.

A platform for

  • Resolve and answer queries related to hypertension
  • Imparting information about causes, symptoms, care and treatments of hypertension
  • Get consumers in touch with physician/cardiologists through BPinConrol portal
  • Increase awareness of hypertension and encourage people to regularly check their BP.
Lack of awareness about Hypertension and what it leads to, in India
No regular bp check-ups
Thought process that young people can not be hypertensive
Campaign & Execution
Growth Marketing Approach
Personal & Community Aspects Platform Aspects
Growth Marketing Approach
Growth Marketing Approach
Multiple level customer segmentation based on their condition
  Pre-hypertensive Newly diagnosed Casual careles Control freak The idealist Caregiver
Problem area Hereditary, Lifestyle Lifestyle Psychological Avoidance, Fear, Reassurance Assurance, Information overload Practical Quality Information Support Information
Typical Age 25-28 25-55 25-35 25-55 25-55 18-55
  • early signs ofhypertension
  • Symptoms Of hypertension
  • How to Reduse hypertension
  • Newly Diagnosed hypertension Workup
  • No Searches
  • Low Sodium Symptoms
  • Systolic Blood Pressure
  • Letest Hypertension News
  • Ideal Blood Pressure
  • Check Up Hypertension
  • Hypertension Diet Recipeis
Content Hooks Early Warmings Risk Calcuators Assurance Scare Tactics Assurance Information Information, Inspiration

We understood that there were multiple types and levels of people we were catering to.

Pre-hypertensive - early signs of hypertension

Newly diagnosed - Newly diagnosed hypertensive workup

Casual careless - In denial and careless in general

Control freak - the one who ants to knwo and take action about it in a systematic manner

The idealist: Wants to do everything right

Caregiver: is looking for information for a loved one.

Based on various psychological factors we altered and developed relevant content for each.

12 million+
12 Lac+
reduction in cost per visit
increase in CTRs