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Amanora Park Town is India’s most-awarded township, sprawling across 400 acres and self-sufficient in all civic amenities. The township boasts of many revolutionary concepts and practices in residential community living, featuring contemporary design complemented by excellently planned infrastructure.

Amanora Gold Towers is the latest offering in the township. Promising a gold standard of living, the new development makes the Amanora way of life available to everyone at an affordable price point.

Amanora approached Amura to create the digital launch strategy and achieve maximum conversions during the first month.

Creating brand awareness across target locations for better conversion on the product launch
Leveraging significant number of digital platforms to reach wider target audience considering the economical ticket size
Generating large lead volumes in order to achieve sales target i.e. 600+ bookings in one month
Rising above the several existing competitors in the primary micro-market especially in the economical homes segment
Campaign & Execution

The Approach

In order to achieve our objectives we followed a 3-phase approach to the campaign. The first target was to create a brand recall since Amanora is well-established in the market and mostly associated with premium offerings. The next step was to educate the consumers about their latest offering which falls in the budget category and why it was perfect for people aspiring to be a part of the Amanora way of life.

Target Audience

Our target was to reach out to a market that included young adults who would be moving to Pune for jobs or young nuclear families interested in owning a home at a luxury project but in a budget price. Hence the target market was Pune, Mumbai, NRIs (UK, US & GCC) & Rest of Maharashtra (Satara, Kolhapur, Sangli, Latur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Solapur) We approached Investors, entry level home buyers & second home buyers from Tier 2 cities by pushing different ad sets.

Brand Awareness Phase


  • To reach out to a wider target audience in order to establish a strong brand recall.


  • The communication approach was to build on the community aspect of the brand
  • We spoke about the well established Amanora way of life - a township where people can experience hassle-free lifestyle. We talked about the ‘Township’ as a whole, leveraging their 22+ years experience in the real estate market instead of talking about premium living
  • We could thus leverage this trust into a potential lead by launching economical homes in the market By using intent-based platforms, we targeted people who were already searching for Amanora and diverted their perception from a premium space to the hassle-free living aspect of the township
  • Social media helped us engage potential customers with the brand image and campaign theme 
  • Video Marketing and Content Marketing, in addition to DoubleClick by  Google was leveraged to give us additional reach where Google Display Network (GDN) had its limitations

 Teaser Phase


To create a buzz in the market that Amanora is launching a new project.


  • In the teaser phase, the major goal was to leverage the already established brand recall through Phase I of the campaign
  • A differential communication approach was adopted to build curiosity based on different market segments
  • Using Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram), GDN & YouTube, we successfully pushed this thought in the potential market segment and tried to generate curiosity in the prospective buyer’s mind
  • In addition, we used Facebook Reach & Frequency campaign so as to show different ads to the audience with a controlled communication approach 
  • Digital traffic was diverted to a landing page which was integrated with our marketing and sales automation platform ‘Sell.Do’

Launch Phase


To achieve higher lead volumes by leveraging performing digital platforms & content marketing publishers


  • In this phase, we successfully converted the already achieved leads from the first 2 phases with a significantly higher conversion rate 
  • The project was positioned as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a home at an affordable price at Amanora. We used both English and vernacular communication
  • We strategically maximised Google Search Campaigns since we already had created interest in the market and increased the brand searches. This approach reduced our average cost per qualified lead of the campaign 
  • Using Facebook Newsfeed & Lead Generation campaigns we achieved significantly higher lead volume 
  • Video marketing and content marketing helped us create recall value In the Remarketing & Nurturing stages, SMS & Emailer activities helped us create urgency in the user’s mind to book the home online
  • Amanora facebook ad 2

    Brand Awareness phase

  • Amanora facebook ad

    Teaser phase

  • Amanora facebook ad 3

    Launch phase


Campaign Automation through IRIS and Sell.Do Integration

  • Our 3 phase approach had a strong backing in our very own intelligent technology platform IRIS (Intelligent Real Estate Interface for Sales) and our marketing & sales automation platform Sell.Do
  • Sell.Do helped us in tracking a large lead volume of more than 9000 leads from the campaigns which involved 36+ different sub-sources and leads from 5 Continents & 16 countries.
  • Through IRIS, an ecommerce-style platform in real estate that offers an end-to-end digital home buying process, customers could choose & book their home online with zero paperwork and in just a few clicks.
  • For the developer, IRIS streamlined the process with real time inventory management, complete KYC formalities and secure online transactions
  • IRIS helped maintain a high-sales-velocity throughout the launch phase of Amanora Gold Towers. It streamlined high customer volume in one place and channeled them towards further action with zero double bookings.


Leads received from digital campaigns
Bookings in one month
Site visits
Rs. 312
Overall cost-per-acquisition achieved