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Oberoi Realty Ltd. is a public listed real estate company based in Mumbai. It is one of the largest real estate developers, with over 40 projects in Mumbai across the residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and social infrastructure sectors.

Mumbai, the luxury capital of India, is one of the most expensive real estate markets in India.
To add to that, every real estate luxury brand has a presence in Mumbai, making it a highly competitive market.
With such a niche market, the top of this buying funnel is extremely narrow. As a result of this as well as the audience’s short attention span and complexity of online behaviour, the cost of reaching out to them becomes very high.
Reaching out to buyers in this scenario is challenging, and Google Search plays a very important role in reaching out to people with an intent to buy RIGHT NOW. Even so, brands inevitably have to struggle with dropping CTRs and ad clicks.
Campaign & Execution
  • We built an automation platform on top of Adwords Search, a platform that understands real estate as an industry, knows the competition and has a rule engine to generate over 20,000 keywords that are relevant to your project.
  • A platform that could generate appropriate text ads to increase relevancy and improve CTR, could learn directly from performing keywords and optimize the campaign 24x7, 365 days a year.

Touchpoints Used for campaign penetration:

With the help of machine learning, we were able to create combinations of words most clicked and most searched for by our buyers to deploy 1.6 Lac+ ad copies and broaden the top of the funnel.

A luxury buyer’s attention span is very short - so we used psychographics to create differential ad communication pertaining to his interests and searches. As a result, we realised that the CTR of the ads with positive sentiment went up to 11.85%

Our research showed us that a user’s attention span is maximised with diversity - we used algorithms to embed diverse words in our ads and grab more eyeballs.

A luxury buyer is very aware of the market scenario and intelligent enough to take a very calculated decision. Understanding this helped our system generate ads with relevant numbers & information to increase certainty in the minds of users. 

Luxury real-estate buyers also like exclusivity, so while we were marketing Oberoi projects, we ensured that we used pronouns that personalize the ads and directly spoke to their psyche.

Based on our sentiment analysis we ran in-market search ads which further brought down the costs by using call action catch analysis and negating wastage due to incorrect clicks at the minimum.

27 K+
Ad Clicks
6.7 Lac+
Average CTR over 6 months
Enquiries Generated