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Launching China’s Iconic Mobile Brand - iVOOMi in India.
Targeting a large audience of first time smartphone buyers in the span of 3 months.

As a fast-growing brand with a legacy of 20 years delivering Technology, iVOOMi's primary aim was to increase its brand presence in the Indian market and further afield, and to drive sale online through Amura’s expertise.

Marking the entry of a Chinese smartphone brand in the Indian market where Chinese products already have a negative sentiment
Cluttered market space in India with several established brands already in the market
Requirement of a Digital only approach
Creating a vale based niche for the brand
Campaign & Execution

To establish the iVOOMi brand in India and select products with a brand strategy that differentiates the brand from its competition.

iVOOMi Banner

Hyperlocal Targeting

Amura personified the brand values to connect to the right audience and created a story around it -
Caring, Committed, Compassionate, Cooperative and Connected.


This tagline blended perfectly with the brand. To build brand assets with creative guidelines an integrated marketing communication across all mediums & platforms was created.

iVOOMi Search

Kicking off a Digital PR

With a digital PR and partnering program it became easy to support and drive the web presence of and social media marketing activities of iVOOMi. The building block for online presence & credibility was creating a good corporate website for iVOOMi India with the right content & introducing the team behind the brand. The prime focus was on tech bloggers with heavy remarketing at a frequency cap of 15-17 per user.

The press release featured in all the leading publishers in India:

Driving Long-term Engagement

To generate immediate engagement in the target audience contests with prizes and a series of engagement posts were published to spread positive sentiment and highlight the various features of the phone. A series of GIFs and posts, small videos created excitement and buzz in the market.

Smartphones sold out in
the first 9 hours
Followers in 2 months
User engagement
Impression through ads