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  • Kenstar is an established brand in Southern states of India
  • Northern states however the awareness is low
  • So our objectives were aligned accordingly
    • South & west ( customers): Propagate Kenstar products among the customers to generate leads
    • South & west ( trade partners): Propagate and increase brand recall among trade partners and support them in marketing Kenstar products
    • North (customers + trade partners): Increase brand awareness and recall
Brand known for coolers only
Lack of brand awareness
Build an image of a premium brand
Competitors with the similar offerings
Campaign & Execution

Kenstar Case Study

GM Approach (Target Audience)

  • Experiment 1: We started with creative experimentation in brand awareness, metric to measure was CTR

    • Creatives with humans + products
    • Creatives with products and it’s usage
  • Conclusion:

    • We concluded that creatives with product USPs got better results
    • The CTR for creatives with humans was 1.5% whereas the CTR with product and USP was 3.2%
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Brand Awareness

  1. Kenstar brand USPs
  2. Premium features and services across the world

Mediums Used

To attract the right audience, maximise reach and increase website visits, a comprehensive media strategy was devised.

Growth Marketing Experimentation Phase 1 Results

  • 1M + impressions
  • 0.5 M + reach
  • 1 Lac website visits

Campaign Results

  • Campaign Duration – 16th May to 3rd June
  • Campaign was successful
  • Received 1039 Leads, More than the targeted (359)ones
  • Less Cost per Lead - 17.7
  • Total Impressions -2,13,072
10M +
3M +
website visits
increase in branded keywords