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Metro Life is a new real estate project by the Rama Group. For over 29 years, Rama Group has continually emerged as a leading name in the Construction & Real Estate industry with a strong presence across the residential and commercial spectrum of Pune and PCMC.

Website load time issue
Only a single form on the website
Average session duration was less than expected
Possession date & budget issues resulted in higher lead unqualification
Campaign & Execution
metro life side banner
  • Gallery image sizes were reduced
  • Added virtual pages on the website
  • Added Download Brochure and Request Floor Plan buttons
  • Made changes in the Google Maps section
  • Highlighted the call number for the mobile website
  • Added videos on the website to increase the session duration
  • Added possession date on the website to reduce unqualification
  • Project price was highlighted on the website
  • Added Whatsapp button

Copy -

  • Added detailed amenities along with the images on the website as 40+ amenities was the center of attraction
  • Added Location info in overview section - How Tathawade is one of the upcoming locations in West Pune, positioning it as the New Koregaon Park.

Parallel website or Nurturing website execution -

The parallel website was created to nurture the leads on the separate website for the leads who have not received the calls

Additional information added on the website such as -

desktop parallel nuturing website

Direct floor plans to download



Cost sheet

growth heist

Testimonial videos

Covid Actions-

There had been a major impact on the site visits after the COVID lockdown. People were not sure about the visits hence we added site safety video to tell the customers about the site and their own safety.

The same has been conveyed through the steps taken on the site as well through video.

2.4 Lac+
website visits
lead generation