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With digitization and technological development, the pharma industry today has transformed to Pharma 3.0 – a version that uses electronic records, electronic devices & platforms or online portals, in order to more effectively reach and serve consumers.

New innovations have connected offline pharmaceutical brands to the online world in order to drive customer engagement. Today, more and more pharmaceutical brands are realising the importance of integrating online and offline mediums for driving customer centric campaigns.

Pharmaceutical companies now use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, online forums, as well as applications to promote their brands, understand their consumers’ perspective on an everyday basis and offer them services as per their needs.

Pharmaceutical Ecosystem Traditional Way Digital Way Doctor Patient Pharma In US, it's allowed to advertise prescription drugs (Offlline and Online). Key opinion leaders togive insights on theirdrugs accessing apps &digital platforms Patients collect & trackdata in real time & consultthe doctor. Promotes & sellsprescribed medicines one-commerce sites Real world patient engagement with the doctor Aggregator Doctor prescribes medicine & remedies to the patient for his illness. Patients can help them in their researchwith data for them to create betterdrugs for treatment. Promotes & advertiseOTC drugs withoutintervention of doctor. Sends sales reps to provide informationabout drugs, proper dosage, expectedresults, health goals.
The digital eco-system has changed - patients now research their problems online before getting n touch which doctors. As a result, it has become more and more important to reach them throughout their research cycle, where they are spending the most time - online.
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