How Digital Transformation is affecting the Pharma and Healthcare Industry

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From scientific detailing to the use of newer algorithms for better consumer insights, the trend of digital marketing has caught up with the $17 billion Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. More and more pharma and healthcare companies are moving away from traditional marketing. Global digital marketing trends are also seeing apps and social media playing a bigger role in this industry.

Pharma companies in India like Sun Pharma have already started adapting to this technological trend with the launch of their mobile app called RespiTrack. The app is for raising patient awareness of asthma and ensuring their adherence to the treatment schedule. Abbott Healthcare has introduced several tools like Knowledge Genie, an app for heart and liver and another for vertigo exercises. Few of them make use of augmented and virtual reality in order to engage with patients and doctors alike.

Rapid Adoption – Pharma Digital Marketing

Digital holds the dual benefits of making information easily available and accessible online, anywhere. Also, the growing interest of consumers in exploring digital technology has led businesses to successfully try newer things online. This digital age has even seen many doctors starting to adopt digital technology in their practice. Pharma Digital Marketing in India has also helped sales representatives to contact doctors easily. Even patients are looking for health-related information online.

Although this recent technological foray has tremendous potential, companies are still not making full use of the vast number of options that digital has made available to them. For example, only 4% of pharma companies employ mobile-friendly websites whereas most people access the web from their mobile.

Ways Digital Marketing is Transforming the Pharma Industry

Transparency in medical procedures and products

With the advent of latest digital transformation trends, both patients and pharma companies have access to information surrounding the impact of any healthcare strategy or medical product. This transparency regarding the impact on the overall well-being and everyday life of patients enables patients and their loved ones to discuss treatment progress and medication effects.  Mobile apps tracking the effect of these measures on a patient provide analytics experts with actionable insights into the safety and efficiency of a drug or therapy.

Patients are more involved in their care

Digital trends demonstrate that more and more patients are more engaged with their medical treatment procedures and understand how they can access online resources to assist them. Modern patients are more comfortable taking their well-being into their own hands because of the sheer amount of digital information accessible online. This allows them to be empowered when it comes to making decisions regarding their health and evaluating the cost of the medicines, products or services. This provides an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to connect and engage with potential patients online.

24/7 Virtual Care

One of the major benefits of digital transformation in the pharma industry is optimizing the customer journey across multiple touchpoints. So there will be broader engagement between patients and physicians through the patient care process. Up-to-date and 24/7 virtual care is bound to become the norm throughout the industry. From restricted office hours to 24/7 access to care, personalization and technology will allow for unique patient care - a more customer-centric change. Pharmaceutical companies will be able to provide complete treatment and value as part of a “digital ecosystem.”

Enhanced Research & Development

Digital innovations will allow future-forward technologies where AI-based platforms can make complex decisions through in-depth data and analytical calculations. Patient care will be enhanced through analytics and pharmaceutical research & development will also be transformed. Advanced digital transformation will also allow real-time information from both clinical trials and patients, enabling drug manufacturers to gain a better understanding of drug development and how it affects patients in the long run.

Pharma Digital Marketing in India

Various internet sources about Digital Marketing in India demonstrate an annual growth rate in the range of 25% to 40%. What started to gain visibility in 2010 has spread to almost all the business sectors in India. Digital marketing will continue to be a robust growing industry at least for the next 5 to 10 years. For starters, India is well on the way to be the fastest growing online retail market in the Asia Pacific, slated to grow at a staggering 31% per annum for the next 5 years. So it’s not surprising that digital marketing is in high demand with the opportunities and scope being huge in India right now.

pharma digital marketing company in india

Digital marketing will soon become the core of marketing campaigns for the pharma industry in India. The internet is a growing platform for information, awareness, and solutions about healthcare. As a result, a pool of better-informed patients and better- networked doctors are being created. Pharma marketing will span multiple channels like social media, messaging, web, mobile and more. Therefore, pharma companies need to strategically leverage the opportunities available to them in order to thrive in this digital age.

Focus on Building a Digital Culture

It’s important to build a digital culture rather than narrowing your focus on various apps and gimmicks. A need to define a digital marketing strategy for the pharma industry is necessary, divided between healthcare professionals and patients. With a digital boom in the country, a holistic digital culture will help to reduce the increasing gap between patients and doctors. With so much data being available pharma marketers should be using it to serve customers better. By making data the currency and building a patient-centric environment through digital, people will feel more engaged in the industry.

While considering pharma digital marketing in India, marketers need to be better equipped in this digital world but also understand what can and cannot work in India. Understanding the industry in the Indian context - doctors, patients and the regulated industry that work here will result in better marketing efforts and return on investment. The Indian Pharma market being a highly regulated one, marketers need to think twice before playing with data. Know more on how to leverage data-powered insights and solutions with the experts in digital marketing in India here: Amura-  Pharma Marketing Company

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