5 Content Marketing Strategies for Pharmaceutical Industry

Category : Pharma Marketing Author : Team Amura Date : 24 Jul 2020

If you genuinely wish to grow through your journey in the field of pharma and healthcare, you must pull in your audience by becoming a value provider. This becomes possible when you give out content that creates value in their personal or professional life.

It’s not just about the services you provide; it is also about the kind of pharmaceutical brand you wish to be. Presentation matters and an excellent presentation can only be achieved through effective Pharma content marketing.

Here are the 5 content marketing strategies for the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Divide and Conquer

    real estate social media marketing
    real estate social media marketing

    As a competitive firm in the pharmaceutical industry, you must build connections with your target audience. This happens when you do not just tell your story; you sell it too!

    Pharma content marketing is also about delivering the right content to the right audience. As a pharma company taking on new routes to success, Pharma content marketing could come across as a route with layers and layers of complexity. Also, since the client base of the pharma industry is highly diverse, the key to connect with the audience through your content marketing is to segregate them into potential customer bases and target each piece of content to a particular group. This makes the content personalized and more relatable.

  2. Keep it simple. Keep it Original.

    real estate social media marketing
    real estate social media marketing

    Patients, doctors, retailers, and all other professionals in the healthcare industry are always and actively seeking reliable and accurate information on the internet. This is your window of opportunity.

    A WHO study once proved that usage of simpler terms makes the content more relatable to the target audience. The study exhibited results that while 79% of the audience in question did not understand the word “AMR”, more than 68% understood the term “Drug resistance”.

    This only goes on to prove that when a layman is able to comprehend your Pharmaceutical content marketing and relates to it, you are already halfway there. Also, keeping your content original and unplagiarized will not only help you build goodwill but also will make your pharma brand a reliable one.

  3. Balance is the key

    real estate social media marketing
    real estate social media marketing

    Yes, we understand that working in the healthcare industry is no walk in the park and it is very easy to slip to the extremes. This is exactly why you must always strike a balance in all your Pharma content marketing strategies. While your content must be adaptive and innovative, it should also not disregard the traditional approaches. While your content may be short and precise and never quantity oriented, it must also provide enough words, examples, and cases to get through to the reader. While your content must be engaging, it should also be goal-oriented. While you can explore other fields through your Pharmaceutical content marketing, you might not want to travel too far away from the field of pharmaceutical and health care.

  4. Vet the content

    real estate social media marketing
    real estate social media marketing

    Congratulations on hiring a top-notch agency to take care of your organization’s content marketing, but never leave everything up to them. They sure are professionals and experts in the field of Pharma content marketing, but your healthcare business is your brainchild. No one understands your audience, your competitors, and your own business, better than you do. Ensure that you have a reliable team in place to vet the content that goes out in the name of your brand and make sure that you are constantly monitoring the Pharma content marketing of your business.

  5. Break down walls

    real estate social media marketing
    real estate social media marketing

    Compelling Pharmaceutical Content Marketing can help you make the healthcare system into a healthy and caring system. Being a firm in the pharma and healthcare industry, you have been deemed (more often than not) to be insensitive and ruthless for capitalizing the pain points of your audience. While it is true for the entire world of business, it is no news that the pharma industry receives a huge amount of unfair criticism for the same. Break down these taboos, bust the myths, educate your audience, inform them, and make sure you take up your part of the responsibilities seriously. Only by creating true value for your readers will you be able to make your Pharmaceutical content marketing effective.


Pharma Content Marketing helps in improving conversions and generating genuine leads. It also helps in adding value to your brand and especially in the field of pharma and healthcare, where the industry is constantly evolving and adopting new techniques to excel in the market if you wish to sustain and grow, you would want to ensure that your Pharmaceutical content marketing strategies are goal-oriented, objective-defined and highly personal to your audience.

In a nutshell, every Pharmaceutical content marketing strategy that you design for your valuable customer base must be with an intent to meet the ever-increasing and ever-evolving demand of theirs. Empathizing with your customers and knowing all that they know is going to get you a long way into the future!

If you have any questions about content marketing for pharma or would like to implement it for your brand, feel free to reach out to us. Amura is one of the leading pharma marketing companies in India which uses digital growth marketing to bring awareness to convert your audience into loyalists.

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