6 Smart Marketing Tactics for the Pharma and Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare and pharma industries are undergoing significant changes post the pandemic. With increasing technological advancements, companies must keep innovating their business models to enhance their online user experiences and improve customer communications.

There aren't many specialised pharma marketing companies in India, and often this leads to a generic marketing strategy with a low ROI. So, we decided to dig in and release our pharma and health marketing guide for 2022, aiming to highlight trends in marketing communications in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, focusing on the digital aspect of marketing.

This blog will discuss the effects of telehealth, the customer, the optimisation of customer experiences, and engagement with customers across the healthcare marketing field.

1. Offer Free Samples for Doctors

Offer Free Samples for Doctors
Offer Free Samples for Doctors

Doctors often recommend products that they get as free samples. They can hand out the samples directly to their patients, who can test your product free of cost and without any risk. It is one of the oldest methods of marketing pharmaceutical products that efficiently reach many people.

However, this method could cross the ethical line since numerous healthcare organisations prohibit doctors from taking the samples. Although it is effective, it is essential to carry out this process with a sense of responsibility so that your reputation isn't at stake.

2. Have Quality Website Content

Have Quality Website Content
Have Quality Website Content

Check that your website includes all of the information that the physician or patient may require. It should provide information about the advantages of the medication, suggested dosages, clinical trial and safety information, as well as dangers, and much more.

The pharmaceutical company's website design should be easy to navigate, and you must also have a procedure to collect an individual's email address. Your website is the primary communication instrument for the drug and should be a well-designed site for customers to visit.

3. Artificial Intelligence is the King

Artificial Intelligence is the King
Artificial Intelligence is the King

The role of artificial intelligence in pharma marketing has grown because of the vast amounts of data that marketers must process. Pharmaceutical companies need to understand how patients and HCPs consider, read, and decide their spending to communicate messages effectively.

AI can assist in managing and analysing customer data in bulk and recognise patterns in their purchasing behaviour and requirements. But innovative pharmaceutical marketers take it further, identifying their market and actively targeting the places where customers will be most receptive. Combining AI with well-crafted healthcare marketing strategies improves audience targeting and digital marketing campaigns.

4. Telemedicine is the Latest Product

Telemedicine is the Latest Product
Telemedicine is the Latest Product

Pharma marketers are recognising that providing healthcare online has limitations and opportunities. For instance, it's much easier for patients to comprehend the advice of a doctor when they have access to the internet. Telemedicine platforms offer expert advice instead of the notoriously unreliable process of analysing symptoms via the internet.

Marketing influences what patients think of their experience. It gives pharmaceutical marketers the chance to come up with different treatment methods. By being aware of the requirements of patients and reaching the right people, medical marketing can boost the popularity of telemedicine or virtual appointments. Creating a thorough telehealth marketing strategy like trigger-based messages amplifies real-time communications.

Telehealth allows pharma marketers to send messages to physicians at the right time during their journey while also caring for a patient. It is, therefore, more efficient to send a trigger-based message about the drug to a physician while they are at the eRx stage of their visit with a patient.

5. Break the Rules with Guerrilla Marketing

Break the Rules with Guerrilla Marketing
Break the Rules with Guerrilla Marketing

It is always beneficial to think outside the box regarding pharma marketing strategies. Guerrilla marketing can occur in unexpected ways. Sometimes, a marketing professional might look at their competition unanticipatedly. Many companies consider this to be an effective method of being in a position to stand above the rest. It is one of the more risky types of marketing for pharma because it challenges conventional wisdom

6. Direct-to-Customer (D2C) Model

Direct-to-Customer (D2C) Model
Direct-to-Customer (D2C) Model

The disruption in digital innovations facilitated the Direct-to-Customer (D2C) concept in the last couple of years. It involves brands promoting their message and, in some instances, providing their products directly to customers through digital media channels like website content and content distribution via search engines, social media, digital advertisements, and email automation.

Abbott's introduction of Freestyle Libre is an example of D2C in the pharmaceutical industry. This consumer subscription commerce model improves diabetes-related device accessibility and retention. This consumer subscription model employs many approaches generally used by Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms to test and improve customer conversion rates. In this model, you approach the service as a product, one of its most significant drawbacks.

Analysing the quality of coordinating continuous marketing communications across owned, paid, and earned channels will be critical to ensure that the correct traditional and digital communications are in use throughout the customer lifecycle model.

Examine How Well Your Pharmaceutical Marketing Techniques are Working

Almost all effective marketing strategies by pharma marketing companies in India are taking the numbers seriously. The goal is to get as many prescribing doctors as you can. The process of tracking your results makes sure that you know the extent to which your marketing strategy is working.

Be aware that there are numerous strategies for pharma marketing to choose. However, the most critical aspect of an effective advertising campaign for pharmaceuticals is to remain constant in your messaging and visuals. If you're consistent, you'll be capable of achieving more success with your company's image than you would achieve with short-term abstract strategies.

It is always advisable to collaborate with experts when handling such a competitive niche. Amura Marketing Technologies is one of India’s leading consulting firms for pharma marketing companies. Their strategies have greatly helped some of India's top pharma companies

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