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Cost-effective advertising and sales

OTC drugs have thus far relied mostly on traditional media as a platform for advertising. However, traditional media - such as television, for example - is not cost effective and don’t deliver tangible, immediate results, which has created newer challenges for brands such as yours.

Traditional media doesn’t directly boost sales

With traditional media, it’s important to reach an exact audience. While it may work for a branding campaign, the impact on your sales will be far from direct. How do you ensure that your advertising efforts pay off, and instantly?

Product differentiation

When it comes to OTC products, customers don’t always have a first preference - unless they have had contact with one particular brand (such as yours) before. How do you ensure that, when it’s time to buy a medicine they haven’t needed before, they think of your brand?

Knowing your customers and reaching them with the right channel

An increase and decrease in sales depends on the kind of channel you’re using for sales and distribution. That’s why a certain drug doesn’t sell in-store even when it’s showing good numbers online - or vice versa. With a rise in e-commerce, tapping the right channel has proved to be an immense challenge for pharmaceutical companies.

Amura's End to End Solutions

Digital media for maximum Return on Marketing Investment

Digital advertising creates top-of-the-mind recall, because you’re reaching your exact potential audience where they spend time everyday - online. Amura’s digital marketing involves the use of paid media, blog posts, social media and search engine-optimised content to get you maximum leads in a cost-effective manner.

Creating brand awareness

It’s important to create brand awareness so that when people need a drug, they think of your brand. It’s important that your brand be present throughout your potential customer’s buying cycle - we run brand campaigns that use differential communication and dynamic remarketing to ensure that you are always on top of your customer’s mind.

Planning your sales - the right channel for the right product & customer

We understand consumer behaviour. As a small example: Immediate relief drugs will do better over the counter, because no one has the time to wait for them to be delivered. Lifestyle health & medical products, however, have a bigger market in ecommerce. We our keen understanding, we can help you reach relevant audiences online to achieve maximum sales in each channel.

Using dynamic digital advertising to get direct sales

With digital advertising, you can use a Call To Action and get direct sales. Additionally, we use contextual advertising and dynamic remarketing to reach consumers when it’s most relevant, in order to boost your sales. For example: Someone who has just booked a flight to Goa would start seeing ads for your sunscreen on publisher sites he visits. This boosts recall as well as sales.

About Lexor Health

Lexor health offers range of products - Herbal, health and vitamins supplements that helps in boosting stamina and energy, preventing deficiencies in the body and providing with remedies for maintaining overall human health.


Amura helped the brand with complete end-to-end solutions by incorporating E-commerce development on the site and product management for them.

We helped them with a conceptualized content strategy - Content generation on the basis of products, newsletters, forum participation, Blog posts, SEO, Video series, website listing and E-commerce integration with sites like Amazon.


  • With E-commerce enablement, the brand gained high visibility and it’s product sales increased by
    within a span of 6 months.
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