Employee Testimonial

growth heist Social Media Marketing can't be run on set processes. growth heist
Janam Varandani
Sr. Manager - Social Media Marketing

How do you go about social media strategy, an area of marketing which keeps evolving by the day and has always been quite dynamic by nature?

Is there a set process to understand what works best on social media?

The answer is quite precise - 'Social Media Marketing can't be run on set processes', it all depends on how much you understand the psychology of people, their behaviours on social platforms and most importantly how much you experiment to get the right results.

My time at Amura Marketing Technologies has helped me understand an approach which can help in mastering even the areas which keep changing by the day.

The Growth Marketing approach is the best way to stay on top of your Social Media Game as it allows you to understand the pain areas, experiment, analyze, take action and reiterate.

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