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No brand awareness

There are myriad educational institutes of international calibre, which have state-of-the-art infrastructure, a beautiful campus and highly skilled teachers, among other fantastic features in place, but the enrolment rate is abysmal with the number of enquiries far from optimum. Worse, with low brand awareness, there is no scope for word-of-mouth publicity as well.

Failure to reach target audience

Identifying the right marketing platform for your target audience is key to boosting conversions. Several institutes are either unaware of what their target audience is, or are utilizing the wrong avenues to reach out to them. Overdependence on perceived platforms – Google, shiksha.com, etc. aren’t getting the desired results either.

Lack of a comprehensive strategy

This is easily one of the biggest handicaps that educational institutes face. The strategy must incorporate parents and children as separate target audiences and address them individually, with different platforms, communication routes and brand experiences.

No lead management system

With traditional media, you might get leads. However, a huge drawback that it suffers from is the lack of a mechanism in place to identify your prospective students/parents and nurture them for more admissions.

Traditional marketing is too expensive

The cost incurred per conversion is only rising. Budgets required to run traditional ad campaigns have skyrocketed and the most incriminating aspect is there is no precise way to reach the target audience to achieve a high conversion ratio, which only results in overshooting of the budget without seeing any tangible results.


Customised & exhaustive marketing strategy

Right from market research to ad campaigns, tracking leads and nurturing them and even pre-sales, we’ll efficiently handle all the logistics. Amura’s expertise in performance-driven campaigns gives us an edge in designing highly-personalised campaigns for you. So whatever be your goals – admissions, leads, website traffic and impressions – our strategy will be tuned accordingly to get you the best results hitting at the relevant touchpoints.

Brand awareness through campaigns & content marketing

Content marketing and brand-driven campaigns can be the biggest result-drivers for educational institutes. Amura has the experience needed to get maximum brand awareness and engagement following a customer centric approach with the perfect media mix of ad campaigns, social media and content marketing.

Automated sales & marketing system

Sell.Do, Amura’s sales & marketing automation platform, is one of the country’s leading platforms with over 100 clients on board. With Sell.Do, we can analyse key marketing metrics in real time, track your leads, manage and nurture them to get you more admissions than ever before.

End-to-end lead nurturing

Amura takes pride in its ability to efficiently nurture leads into becoming customers and maximising your admissions. With Sell.Do, we can automate email marketing and messaging processes to target your leads at every stage in their research cycle, encouraging them toward enrolment.

Market research

Your objectives and goals form the basis of an extensive campaign plan, tailor-made for you. The root of all this, however, boils down to our market research, which includes a SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, audience profiling, platform research and more.

Brand planning & strategy

Based on the market research and your objectives, Amura chalks out a detailed blueprint of the marketing and campaign strategy.
For example, if a rise in the number of admissions is your ultimate objective, we will use a combination of content marketing & social media to increase brand awareness, complemented by targeted advertising & re-marketing to secure maximum enrolments.


In keeping with our brand philosophy of performance-driven marketing, every campaign is carefully monitored in real time and optimised to keep fetching you the best return on marketing investment. Our campaigns will get you more and more leads, while our sales processes will help you convert them into admissions.


Sell.Do, Amura’s proprietary sales & marketing automation platform, effectively takes care of tracking and managing incoming leads, lead profiling, scoring and more. You’ll never lose a prospective student/parent again!

Lead nurturing

Effective lead nurturing ensures that more and more prospective students/parents are pushed down the funnel - from first becoming a lead in the system, to visiting the campus and then enrolling. A customised sales pipeline, automated email marketing and more will help you turn more leads into admissions!


Maximise conversions with our sales performance & pipeline analysis, insights into consumer behaviour and post-sales services of tuition fee structuring and more. As for the leads that don’t enrol in your institute - Amura will take note of any challenges or issues and implement a corresponding change in the marketing strategy to overcome them.

DSK International Campus

Established in 2007, DSK International Campus currently offers highly industry–centric, professional courses in Design, Animation, Video Game and Fashion Design. All the courses offered are complete residential courses.


To create brand awareness and increase rate of admissions while facing several challenges - Expensive course, no offline or print support for the admissions campaign and lack of branding.

  • A full-fledged 360-degree online brand campaign and awareness creation for all its courses through content marketing via blogs and content marketing platforms.
  • Campaigns were monitored and optimized on a daily basis across various channels and platforms
  • Facebook, Instagram & Google Marketing, Taboola, Database Marketing and Design Conclave Events.
  • Automated activities were handled using Sell.Do, India’s leading Sales, Marketing and Advertising Automation platform.
  • 2000+ leads captured from the campaign
  • Almost 40,000 website views
  • Close to 1,40,000 clicks obtained
  • An increase in engagement with reduction in the bounce rate on the landing page from 83% to 3%.
  • 37 admissions within a span of 5 months.

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