Four Key Features of Industrial Marketing

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Industrial Marketing (B2B) professionals are rapidly transitioning to digital marketing as businesses launch their websites. The traditional offline marketing channels such as trade shows, seminars and conferences, network events, face-to-face meetings, print advertising, and signage are now replaced with digital or hybrid strategies. The secret sauce of a successful B2B marketing campaign involves a perfect balance of traditional and digital strategies.

Since Industrial Marketing transactions involve evaluation, analysis, and decision-making at different levels (from C-suite executives to first-line managers and tactical planners) hence the focus is on product benefits and buyer’s interest. Marketers need to convince that a company’s product/service can help customers improve their efficiency, generate greater profits, and reduce their overhead costs as compared to competitors. Therefore, industrial product manufacturers who seek to expand and grow their businesses locally or offshores need to invest in a multi-channel marketing approach that contains a mix of offline and digital tactics.

Characteristics of Industrial Marketing agency

An effective marketing strategy from an Industrial Marketing agency focuses on building and strengthening brand recognition, generating leads, improving conversion rates, and managing reputation. There are four key Industrial Marketing that makes a company’s efforts at gaining new customers:

Characteristics of Industrial Marketing agency
Characteristics of Industrial Marketing agency
  • 1.

    Value Proposition

The use and purchase of products/services in a B2B marketplace are complex as it involves multi-level decision-making from gatekeepers to influencers and key decision-makers. Hence, creating a strong and customized value proposition that convinces people in the value chain is crucial for acquiring new customers.

Value Proposition
  • 2.

    Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A USP segregates your business from the competition. It attracts your targeted audience to learn about your products/services uniqueness and convinces them to try and buy from you instead of competitors. To create an impactful USP, an Industrial Marketing agency deeply analyzes your competitors and target audience to extract and define your business exclusivity.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • 3.

    Customer Journey

A persuasive customer journey involves attracting, engaging, educating, and delighting the customer from start to finish. It focuses on meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations, offering them a sense of joy and fulfillment in the transaction. Hence, customized content offered at each step of the customer’s journey would enable you to differentiate your business from the competition and gain new customers.

Customer Journey
  • 4.

    User Experience

User experience in a B2B marketplace is about simplicity, pragmatism, and efficiency for the users/buyers. In digital representation, it’s your company’s website that can make or break your brand image. Thus, your website should be streamlined, easy to navigate, and quick to respond to inquiries.

User Experience

Features of Industrial Marketing agency – Digital Channels

The age of digitalization has opened new avenues for businesses to expand and grow regardless of their geographies. From the numerous Industrial Marketing channels, inbound and outbound digital marketing channels offer profitable ROI, generate more quality leads, and improve sales and revenues, and augments brand recognition.
So, what are these marketing channels?

Features of Industrial Marketing agency – Digital Channels
Features of Industrial Marketing agency – Digital Channels


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Blogs
  • Webinars & Events


  • Email Campaigns (opt-in/opt-out)

A customer’s journey in the B2B marketplace begins online. They are interested in your product/service and want to know more about you. Thus, your website should populate on the first page of the search engines (Google, Bing, DuckGo, Firefox, etc.) that accounts for 95% of web traffic. To be visible in the top 10 search results, your webpages must be indexed with short and long-tailed industry and product-specific keywords. Google statistics indicate;

  • 50% of web traffic generated on a B2B website is from organic search
  • 35% of B2B users click on Youtube videos, Images & Maps
  • 15% of clicks occur on Landing page or Advertisements

Now you understand why SEO is critical to your Industrial Marketing efforts?

To generate qualified traffic on your website through paid advertising is the essence of PPC strategy. It involves hosting your advertising and banners at the top of the search engine (SERP) listings, LinkedIn, or Facebook feeds. Your Industrial Marketing agency creates keyword-rich and action-oriented content that helps to generate interest among your target audience, and they are compelled to visit your website and connect with you.

Industrial Marketing companies that maintain a strong social presence gain an edge in the competitive marketplace. When companies invest in a multi-directional SMM involving LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they connect with potential buyers and simultaneously learn about the competitors and their events. Thus, regularly engaging in SMM strategy enables you to nurture your leads and engage in two-way communication with your market.

Webinars and digital events are a convenient way to reach out to a larger global audience today. Digital events open new global opportunities to communicate with potential stakeholders, buyers, and vendors – that’s critical for a company’s growth and expansion.

E-mail campaigns engineered through automation and personalization tools add great value to engaging with your target audience. A monthly newsletter with an opt-in/opt-out option leads to the nurturing of more qualified leads for your business.


Lastly, industry-specific or leadership blogs regularly posted on your website tells your story to your audience and keeps them hooked, eventually encouraging them to try and buy your products/services.

We at Amura are a seasoned Industrial Marketing agency and have helped different sized businesses improve their branding and bottom line through the application of suitable digital channels. To know more why don’t we connect with a cup of coffee?

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