5 Important SEO Trends & Best Practices for 2020

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When we talk about SEO, it is an ever-changing landscape. But 2020 looks like a dynamic year for SEO with a handful of vital trends that are set to shape the SEO tactics for the year and moving ahead. While some aspects remain the same like using relevant keywords in titles, optimizing mobile-first experience, etc. you need to align your strategies with the latest SEO trends to stay on top this year.

Carrying forward the latest trends of crafting user-centric experiences, Google along with other huge platforms is aligning their framework. This, more or less, sums up the major SEO trends for 2020. Here are 5 SEO trends that you need to know for 2020.

  • Prepare for Zero-click Searches

    More than half of the searches are now “zero-click searches.” This means that your queries are being answered on the SERP itself, rather than you having to click on any links to get your answer. This is being made possible with smart features like featured snippets, knowledge graphs, Google’s Local Packs, and so on.

    Best Practice:
    Identify keywords that can bring you clicks. So you can spend less time and effort on optimizing for queries that don’t deliver results.

  • Optimize for Rich & Featured Snippets

    With zero-click searches being so prevalent, the information shown on the SERP becomes important. Rich snippets show, in addition to title and description, images, ratings, prices, etc. are easier to get but doesn’t affect your CTR. Featured snippets, on the other hand, display an entire block of information at the top of a SERP. It is difficult to get but greatly increases your CTR.

    Best Practice:
    Getting both snippet types requires structured data. Target keywords which already have a Featured snippet.

  • Update Local SEO

    Local SEO activities bring real customers who are trying to find you right now. So it forms an important part of any SEO strategy. A large number of these zero-click searches are local searches which means the getting that featured snippet slot will be crucial. The local search results are displayed on the SERP itself, in ‘Local Packs.’ For mobile usage, a Local Pack might take up the entire screen space.

    Best Practice:
    Create a Google My Business page for your business. In addition, having a solid backlink profile is crucial. Also, remember to track your local ranking performance.

  • Adapt to Google’s Algorithm

    By December 2019, Google initiated its latest search algorithm named BERT. In 2020, working within Google’s latest algorithm will be the key. The first mechanism Google involves is Neural Matching, which analyzing the query. The second is RankBrain; it adjusts the SERP’s using collected data about users’ behaviour. The third is the newly-implemented BERT - an algorithm that analyzes the structure of a search. It helps Google to understand the search context better.

    Best Practice:
    Write relevant content using intent matching. Monitor Google’s results to see what content it considers relevant. After that, create the content to match users’ intent through their search.

  • Prioritize Brand Building

    In a scenario where paid social advertising is prevalent and expensive, brand awareness and brand building through social media have to be prioritized to create revenue in the long run. Brands need to go and build relevant mentions. Linkless mentions are becoming increasingly important as ranking signals.

    Best Practice:
    Pay attention to building quality link profiles as well as managing linkless mentions. Using social media listening like monitoring every mention of your brand and service/product, you can engage with your customers directly. It also helps you build brand awareness through public customer service or care.

5 Important SEO Trends & Best Practices
for 2020
Prepare for zero-click searches
Optimise for rich & featured snippets
Update local SEO
Adapt to Google's Algorithm
Prioritise brand building

Every time marketers think we have got on top of their SEO game, the trends shift. Look at what local SEO was 5 years back and what it has evolved into today. Having Google My Business has pretty much become a mandate for some local businesses, more so than having a website. This is just a sign of things to come. To identify SEO best practices we need to always keep ourselves updated and adjust strategies to work around the new challenges.

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Thank you for sharing such useful information.

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SEO is important for every business. This is very great article. Thank you For sharing with us.

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  Tania Sharma posted over 3 years ago

Interesting article! I agree with your point that pay attention to creating quality links and managing link less mentions. Also, social media helps you engage customers directly.

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The entire information is really good and some good insights available.

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Interesting Article. Thanks for sharing.

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Well written. Totally agree with point 5. Social media is going to be the inevitable way to connect with the younger audience. You need to hear what the audience is saying about your brand.

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Precise, informative and to the point. I generally follow your articles for new information. Thanks for another good piece.

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Interesting Article. Thanks for sharing.

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With Google rolling out new SEO updates for SERP, a digital marketer need to stay updated with these new SEO trends. Great read, thanks for sharing !!!

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