5 Growth Marketing Trends You Should Care About

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Without a doubt, 2020 is turning out to be one of the toughest years globally. With the rising number of COVID-19 cases and people being locked in, businesses have seen an unprecedented drop in numbers.

Enterprises, both big and small, are reevaluating their costs, and traditional marketing strategies have been quarantined. To adapt to the growing crisis, changes are being made to working hours and locations, customer communication, social media strategy, and even the marketing budget.

As the world is now spending more time online, digital marketers have identified the following growth marketing trends that are on the rise:

1. Realize how to personalize:

Personalization is not a new concept. It is the ABC of marketing. Using placeholders for names of customers in email campaigns to product recommendations, marketers have been using this simple trick to drive more sales. Start with a basic segmentation of your target audience, use the data available to understand each segment and their needs. Before you run your ads, deep dive to understand them and identify the use-cases that best relate to them. However, it is equally important to create a unique strategy for every target group since one size does not fit all.

growth marketing trends
growth marketing trends

2. Don't rank one, rank zero:

SEO has been the most discussed growth marketing trend in the race to rank on top of search engines. Every business owner today aims to be number 1; don't follow the bandwagon. Instead, take your time to analyze the marketing trends in your domain and aim to Rank 0.

If you are familiar with SEO, you already know what Position Zero is. Google likes to call these Featured Snippets. These snippets contain summarized information from lengthy blogs for every search query.

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That is a classic example of Google using personalization to give the user exactly what he came for. It is a no brainer that those ranking on position zero engage and sell more. An ongoing report found that sites that made it to the Featured Snippets saw expanded traffic of 31%.

growth marketing trends
growth marketing trends

3. Hello, voice search:

There has been an exponential increase in the number of Indians who use Google Assistant. This proves that voice searches cannot be ignored in the upcoming growth marketing trends. Google confirmed that the number touched 7X in 2018.

A report published by KPMG and Google predicted that by 2021, nine out of 10 Indian internet users' search would be in a regional language. Simply put, the voice search trend made easy by a smartphone is taking over text search. This does mean that text search will hold no value in the future. Marketers should tap on this trend and redirect their focus on localization for users outside metro cities.

growth marketing trends
growth marketing trends

4. Vlog > Blog:

About a decade ago, video production was a tedious task and a hostile form of content distribution. None of the marketing gurus expected it to leap into the growth marketing trends.

However, since TikTok hit the Indian market, videos have surfaced faster than any other content form. Vertical videos, those made using a smartphone camera, are easy to produce and resonate with the audience.

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If numbers are to be believed, 80% of the internet traffic by 2012 will be video. This is a great time to invest in some high-quality video equipment and a team of scriptwriters. Videos are a great way to build awareness and interact with your target audience first hand. Moreover, videos also help you gain some extra SEO brownie points.

growth trends
growth trends

5. Crack the code:

We know digital ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, etc. are controlled by an algorithm. To show your ads to your target audience, you need to set a bid on your domain keywords. Google has tried to simplify its advertising services by providing free technical certification. This aims to empower non-technical individuals to run marketing campaigns with ease.

However, today's businesses are making the most of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to manage their resources, improve their numbers, and enhance user experience. Development in machine learning and robotic process automation has accelerated, allowing technology to make it top of growth marketing trends.

It has helped marketers plan, create, and execute online campaigns effortlessly. Third-party companies have also surfaced in the market, offering automated bidding and report generation as SAAS products.

growth trends
growth trends


As marketers, our understanding of marketing is changing dynamically. We are constantly exploring newer channels and methods of marketing. Although the market may seem to be slow right now, growth marketing trends have seen a spin in the last few months. Marketing has moved past the textbook definition of branding and advertising. It is time for marketers to collaborate with other verticals to create unmatched user experiences. As the world around us is changing, our growth marketing plan needs an update too.

With over 10 years of experience in growth-focused marketing, Amura Marketing Technologies is a growth marketing agency with 250+ clients across diverse industries. Get in touch with our growth marketing experts for your business growth related queries.

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Comments (21)

  Sylvia posted about 3 years ago

Incorporating AI and Machine Learning can be a big winner for companies in the near future. Thanks for touching on that aspect too.

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  Storm posted about 3 years ago

I am in total agreement that VLOGS are fast overtaking Blogs. With faster internet this will get even more pronounced.

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  Anderson posted about 3 years ago

As people get lazier I can foresee Voice search getting more prominence over text. This is the right time to jump onto the voice bandwagon.

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  Shantel posted about 3 years ago

"By 2021, nine out of 10 Indian internet users' search would be in a regional language." I think that will make voice search grow exponentially. I look forward to it!

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  Louis posted about 3 years ago

I am glad that Voice Search is finally becoming viable. This is attributable to computers being able to better discern our speech.

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  Teddy posted about 3 years ago

What does one need to do to get their site into the featured snippet section of Google? I hope you get to do a piece discussing that in future.

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  Daphne posted about 3 years ago

I bet ranking zero in SEO is not an easy task. Not many blogs I know have been able to do it.

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  Oliver posted about 3 years ago

Personalization is one of those changes I have seen pick up. Many ads are getting personal and more effective.

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  Patricia posted about 3 years ago

The rising cases of Covid-19 has forced businesses to innovate greatly when it comes to marketing. I think that's one of the factors that is driving so much change.

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  Meg W posted about 3 years ago

It's difficult to believe that all these developments have come only in the past few years. Marketing is changing so fast and I am glad to vbe here for the ride!

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  Roy posted about 3 years ago

With the marketing space changing ever so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up with all the changes. Thanks for taking time to compile these changes into one convenient article.

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  Pasquale posted about 3 years ago

Rank 0, this just shows how tough the competition has become. The bar just keeps rising!

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  Mathew posted about 3 years ago

AI and ML have been making great strides in the marketing world and the world in general. These are the times to really use these tools and technologies to make great, bigger and faster strides. We must not look at times such as this as a setback, but a challenge to rise to Greatness!!

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  Micha posted about 3 years ago

Great post! Personalization is definitely the key nowadays. Google even personalizes search results where no two people will really ever see the exact same results. P.S. I'll have to disagree with this statement: "This does mean that text search will hold no value in the future." Not sure if that was a typo, but I still believe text will hold value in the future and never fully be replaced. But the reliance on it will of course be diminished.

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  David Tjoe posted about 3 years ago

The development of technology is very fast, making marketing trends increasingly growing and changing. Business owners must view consumers personally when they develop a marketing strategy. In my opinion, personalized marketing is considered to be an effective strategy.

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  Gillian posted about 3 years ago

This article has given me marketing ideas that I can't wait to work on. Thanks you guys.

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  Gaurav Parmar posted about 3 years ago

There is a sharp fall in the marketing trends all over the world. We need to be aware about the marketing growth.

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  Luis Castillo posted about 3 years ago

I believe that the human being in this time of pandemic must adapt to new changes, for entrepreneurs, innovation and new trends are key to having good marketing strategies.

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  Oyeyipo Oladele posted about 3 years ago

Covid-19 has really damaged everything. I wish we can grow our business using the positive marketing strategies.

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  Akan posted about 3 years ago

The fall in marketing trends is world wide I know especially because of covid 19.we all need to know about marketing growth

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  conrad pranze villas posted about 3 years ago

I never really knew this things before. I am just happy to come across your site. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

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