4 Growth Strategies You Should Use For Your Business

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Do you know how the top businesses in the world continue to be successful? The answer lies deep within their growth strategies. Every successful business employs growth strategies that fit with its business goal and morals. It also complements their workforce and abides with government rules and regulations.

When every factor is perfectly placed, a growth strategy can reap benefits for any business. There are many such business growth strategies available at your disposal. Below is a list of 4 growth strategies you should use for your business:

1. Market Expansion:

Market Expansion

Often businesses deal with their products successfully in a specific market. To improve, using the Market expansion growth strategy, a business can tap into previously unexplored markets where they can sell their existing products.

These markets necessarily don't have to be domestic. A business can tap into international markets as well. Finding new customers helps a business improve its sales and profits, thereby increasing brand authority.

2. Market Penetration:

Market Penetration

Market penetration allows you to plan how your business can grow in an existing market with competitors selling similar products. This is the least risky strategy as compared to the others.

Here, you will fight to steal as much market share as possible. But this strategy needs a lot of work and will involve pricing, product positioning, and marketing. There is a way you can calculate market penetration rate to understand how much of a product you are selling as compared to the total estimated market for that product.

Market penetration rate = ("Number of customers" must be divided by "Target market size") * 100

3. Product Development:

Product Development

What do your customers want? Is your product/s adding value in your customer's life? These are the questions you need to answer. Listen to your customers and their needs. If your product is partially fulfilling it, then you can get it improved. If not, then you can create a new product with high value for your customers as they are willing to pay for it.

For a business to be successful using this strategy, adequate research, an understanding of customer wants, and needs are important.

4. Growth via Diversification:

Growth via Diversification

Also considered as the riskiest growth strategy in the Ansoff Matrix, growth via diversification can take place when a business enters a new market with a new product. You can reduce the risk by related diversification.

E.g. A car company can start working on stereo systems for vehicles or a leather shoe producer can start selling leather wallets in a new market.

Another way of diversification is by selling a new product that has no synergy with your business. The plus point here is that if successful, it will open a new revenue stream for the business.

Some More Growth Strategies:

1. Mergers and Acquisitions:

Mergers and Acquisitions

When your market share cannot grow, or the profit level is almost saturated, you can resort to acquiring smaller competitors who are either growing or weak. Doing this gets you more customers and a higher market share.

Although if you are part of a highly competitive market and it is getting difficult for you to grow alone, you can merge with another business. This integration will create a higher power that can run the market.

2. Alternative channels for distribution:

Alternative channels for distribution

There are various channels of distribution available in the market, like wholesalers & retailers. Normally a business takes help from either wholesalers or retailers. If you can see a better impact using both, then do take help from both channels.

You can also sell online and also directly. Doing so opens more opportunities for you to gain customers and increase sales. It's, however, a better choice to communicate with each channel to not hurt their feelings and lose business. Streamlining your channels of distribution directly improves your product reach and sales.

3. Price increase and deduction:

Price increase and deduction

You cannot sell one product at one rate forever. It is not profitable and realistic to do so. Hence periodically, a price increase for each product is understood by customers. They too know that each year, costs are increasing, and hence it is natural to witness a price increase.

On the other hand, you can strategically reduce the pricing of certain products. Doing this might increase the sales for that product and bring you new customers. Later, you can sell them some profitable items and increase your profits.

4. Brand/Product USP:

Brand/Product USP

Lastly, Brand USP is one of the most important growth strategies. Does your product have a certain feature, quality, benefit, that is more advanced than any other similar product in the market? If there is something that sets you apart from the competition and matters to your customers, that means they will be ready to pay for that product easily.

Hence you must communicate this product's USP to the customer very clearly. This is important as once the public knows about this, your product is what will remain in their minds. Sales and profit will witness a huge rise.


These are some of the best growth strategies that are important for a business. They help to survive, improve market share + customer base, gain profits, and do this continuously.

Need help executing these strategies for your business? With over 10 years of experience in growth-focused marketing, Amura is a growth marketing agency with 250+ clients across diverse industries. Get in touch with us!

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Comments (11)

  Eli Richardson posted almost 3 years ago

It's great that you talked about product development and how to create one for your customer's needs. In my opinion, a business needs to keep their customer's satisfaction in mind. In that way, I believe a company could be one step closer to their goals, so I'd say I agree with you on that. Thanks for the information on how to improve a business's success

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  Nirakar posted about 3 years ago

Thank you for these growth approach that are important for a business to survive. A business will grow when it meets the various changes that arise in business.

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  Thomas Clarence posted about 3 years ago

You made an interesting point when you explained that an understanding of your customers' needs is important if you want to grow your business. In addition to that, I would think that it would be a good idea to address the needs of your employees as well because they are the key instrument in helping a company grow. I would think that a good way to address the needs of your employees is by offering them good insurance benefits.

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  kufre posted over 3 years ago

Just learned about Market penetration whichallows you to plan how your business can grow in an existing market with competitors selling similar products.

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  Alex posted over 3 years ago

Price reduction is a great tactic. For one sure some will say it will dent profits and sure buy the upside to that is higher faster sales volume and I like it to be honest. It is the East way of doing business and in the long run volume sales will always outweigh a high price output.

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  Macky Mombay posted over 3 years ago

These 4strategies are very useful. This could be the way to become ah successful entrepreneur or a business tycoon.All you to is stay focus on your goals.

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  Danielle M posted over 3 years ago

I agree, the product development and diversification are a smart way to help bussines to keep a stability and also allows it to grow up.

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  Jen Singh posted over 3 years ago

These are the finest growth strategies that are effective. This is for a business that can enhance its significance.

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  Mike posted over 3 years ago

This is the whole essence of it. WhenWhen every factor is perfectly placed, a growth strategy can reap benefits for any business.

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  Susy R posted over 3 years ago

These are definitely 4 growth strategies that are very effective to apply to businesses. This is for the sake of a business that can maintain its existence and improve its performance.

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  David Tjoe posted over 3 years ago

Yeah, a growth strategy is similar to a ladder, where the bottom rung represents a lower risk and possible impact of slower growth. A business will not be successful unless it meets the various changes that occur in business. Thank you for providing details on these 4 strategies.

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