B2B vs B2C Growth Marketing: How Are They Different?

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The full form of B2B is Business-to-Business. It defines businesses whose clients are other businesses. Thus, all their marketing is committed to the requirements, desires, and problems of consumers who shop on behalf of their organization– and not for themselves. A few examples of B2B in action are:

  • A software recruitment service that sells to HR departments, the hiring tools.
  • An agency specialized in designing the architecture of office spaces.
  • A digital marketing business, selling content management, sales team, social media, and lead generation tools (sounds like a company we know) to marketing departments.


The full form of B2C is business to consumer. It describes companies whose clients are consumer individuals and not professional buyers. Therefore, all marketing for companies is committed to people's everyday needs, interests, and challenges. Here are some B2C in practice examples:

  • Take, for instance, Omron Healthcare, Inc. The health technology company sells various kinds of blood pressure monitors, each designed specifically for another person.
  • For example, Omron Heart Guide is a smartwatch with a mobile app and Alexa skills directly delivered to customers interested in taking their blood pressure on the road. Omron also markets sphygmometers to hospitals, home care companies, and other medical organizations.
  • A real estate agency that rents and sells residences to individuals, families, and students.
  • A digital network for premium music streaming subscriptions.

Let's understand a few differences between B2B and B2C Marketing:

Intended Audience between B2B vs. B2C Marketing:

b2b vs b2c marketing
b2b vs b2c marketing,

When it comes to the target customer, the distinctions between B2C vs. B2B marketing is clear.

B2B advertisers target the main decision-makers in a company.

For example, if hundreds of clinicians and clinic teams are using a medical software or instrument; the final buying decision can only be taken by the CIO, information management officer, and appropriate hospital bosses.

B2B marketers also ensure that all their marketing efforts are focused on this specific community of decision-makers.

For instance, it does not matter whether hundreds of medical professionals or care teams use medical software or tools. The final purchase is still determined only by the CIO, IT Officer, and the correct hospital bosses. B2C marketers may guide their campaigns only for anyone who, not necessarily the consumer, can use their products or services.

For instance, a child that sees an advertisement for a PlayStation can persuade their mother or father to purchase it. Still, reaching household decision-makers is crucial for B2C marketing.

B2B vs. B2C Marketing, Logical vs. Emotional:

difference between b2b and b2c
difference between b2b and b2c

Everything about logic is B2B Marketing. Marketers will share the product/service stories with decision-makers, how they can benefit the company. The method requires little or no emotions.

Of course, B2B marketers want to send their marketing messages to decision-makers. The use of obscure abstract terminology is, after all, one of the greatest marketing failures for B2B in most firms.

The consumer is most probably concerned about the emotional system of things in B2C marketing. When B2C marketers build their tales, they will speak plain language about the advantages and importance of the service or product. Not a long and dull tale.

Investment Returns between B2B vs. B2C Marketing :

 Investment Returns between B2B vs. B2C Marketing
 Investment Returns between B2B vs. B2C Marketing

B2B customers want to hear directly about the ROI. They want to know the skills and how a product or service adds to their productivity and profile. The bulk of B2B transactions thus, derive from financial rewards and the rationale behind the product/service.

This is why B2B marketers add great importance to data-driven marketing. In terms of data-driven marketing, 57 % of the B2B marketer is "more effective and efficient in generating positive ROI through their work." Combo App says that.

On the other hand, buyers are more involved in entertainment, offers, and other thrilling elements. They 're probably more interested in getting a discount instead of being reliable.

B2B vs. B2C Marketing:

B2B vs. B2C Marketing
B2B vs. B2C Marketing

B2B clients (or decision-makers) deserve well-treated and well-catered care.

93% of B2B marketers say that they will commit considerable resources to content marketing in 2019, according to the digital authority. In particular, extremely informative and instructional material should be included in your b2b marketing strategy.

Clients of B2C love content too. They like, something they resonate well.


What's the difference between B2B vs. B2C Marketing? It isn't much, frankly when it turns out, only people are on the receiving of all kinds of marketing messages.

Marketers need to realize that attempts to take advantage of the difference between B2B vs B2C marketing can lead to greater success. Nonetheless, all marketing is P2P – people by people – given the perceived distinctions, irrespective of which side of B2B and B2C a marketer divides.

We, at Amura Marketing Technologies, have successfully adopted the growth marketing framework for our clients for over a decade now. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you scale your marketing.

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  Stanley posted over 3 years ago

B2B and B2C Marketing both have their benefits, but as you've broken down so eloquently here, it is all about preference, understanding and your approach towards each market.

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  Tracy M. posted over 3 years ago

Great breakdown about B2B vs B2C marketing. I prefer B2B myself because most companies already having a budget allocated for business products and services.

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  Henry posted over 3 years ago

Buying on behalf of a company requires the right information just like buying for self. The information here is timely.

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  conrad pranze villas posted over 3 years ago

being able to market those individuals needs proper engagement. I am really planning to be one of those businesses soon.

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  Alex posted over 3 years ago

I think business trades dictates the merging of these two concepts. The bottom line though is customer satisfaction and good service. That does not get old.

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  Aanuoluwapo Ajani posted over 3 years ago

The b2b is an interesting one likewise of the b2c. It is such a nice way of purchasing goods.

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  pius posted over 3 years ago

This is right and I know you wouldn't disappoint your clients. I hope the professionals that need your services will comply as stated

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  Oyeyipo Oladele posted over 3 years ago

This article is an eye opener one. Now I can really tell the two perfectly, that is, B2B and B2C. Am glad coming across this post.

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  Rae posted over 3 years ago

Amazing article! I've learned so a lot about b2b and b2c growth marketing because of this. Thank you very much for the informative post.

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  Meldred Judith posted over 3 years ago

Each target market has its own ways on how to get it. It takes a lot of effort but it's worth it.

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