Award-winning solutions
customised to your business
Change in patient
From a doctor-first to
a digital-first approach
Diminishing effectiveness
of traditional marketing
While it's great on
branding, there's no
direct impact on sales
Unreliable consumer
Today's highly competitive
market dilutes customer
preferences/requests at chemists
No attribution model
for Rx
Leading to lack of insights
on performing sales
Our Solutions
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Defining the path-to-purchase
Each product, whether OTC or Rx, has a different path to purchase for buyers -
we personalise strategies around each unique journey.
Omni-channel attribution
Custom attribution models enable you to track your consumer’s
journey across online & offline channels, for accurate budget allocation.
Brand awareness
Our dynamic approach to digital paid media increases brand awareness,
so customers proactively request for your product/drugs.
Leveraging digital media
To go past awareness into sales with an intuitive approach to pharmaceutical
marketing that converts your audience into loyalists.
Defining the path-to-purchase Intuitive rural marketing
Case Studies
Cipla ActivKids Immuno Boosters
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Skin and Hair Academy
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