Why Customer Focus is Key to Unlocking Growth

Category : Growth Marketing
Author : Team Amura
Date Created : 16 Sep 2019

Category : Growth Marketing   |   Author : Team Amura   |   Date Created : 16 Sep 2019

For your business to keep growing, you need to adhere to a growth-oriented mind-set and incorporate some key tactics into your marketing strategy. The fundamental tactic of growth marketing is about attracting engaged customers which makes it pretty evident what lies at the centre of your marketing focus – your customers.

You might be familiar with the line: It takes years to build a reputation but just moments to ruin it. This line, in itself, highlights how important keeping your customer happy and satisfied. Customer happiness and the success of a business are co-dependent; hence businesses are focusing more on delivering an exceptional experience to their customers, through their products and services. How you treat your customers goes much beyond having a customer service team, it indirectly reflects your brand's values.

Customer-centric Growth

Most successful organizations put their customers’ need before anything else. They even consider customer service as the top-most priority for their businesses. Earlier, marketing was all about brand promotion and improving the quality of the products or services offered by the brand. Bigger and well-established brands always care more about the experiences and services of their customers because they know having a group of loyal customers is like having a top rating for your business. Acquiring newer ones after that becomes a lot easier.

With changing consumer psychology, expectations about brand interactions continue to rise. Customers today place more emphasis on experiences; therefore the one metric that should matter to your business is your customers’ behaviour trend. Keeping this as your end goal for decision-making can help you to gain a competitive edge over others. By adapting your value proposition based on how your users are responding, will help you to prioritize which experiments to run; thus delivering more relevant customer experiences and ultimately, achieve growth.

The Importance of Customer Service

With time, this customer-centric attitude has shifted the focus of most businesses to customer service. Nowadays, businesses make sure they go out of their way to set up the right customer service team with people who are skilled in the art of handling and extending help to customers. Though the scope of customer service varies with the industry and nature of a business, the main focus remains the same - easily solving any problem related to your product/services and ultimately easing out the burden of your customers.

An apt example of this would be Amazon Go. This retail outlet operated by Amazon eliminates the hassles faced by most consumers – checkout lines. This shopping mart functions without a checkout counter. With the help of artificial intelligence, customers can check out their items themselves thus making the shopping experience much easier for customers. This technology-driven solution saves a ton of time from the waiting queues at the checkout for its customers. Thus, Amazon has given a whole new meaning to customer service with the end goal of keeping customers at ease.

Elements of Customer Focus

We went through why being customer-focused is important, but what are the actual actionable pointers when it comes to implementing that customer-first attitude? Here are four basic elements of customer focus:

Elements of customer focus

Customer is the King

Needless to say, being customer-focused is a lot more nuanced; going beyond these four basic tactics. But they provide any business with an excellent starting point. Understanding your customers’ needs is the most important step towards determining your communication strategy. By unlocking insights into your customers’ behaviour, you can work with the one message that resonates most effectively with your audience. Keep this as your guiding metric and run tests to scale the strategy that works the best.

At Amura, we specialize in nurturing your customers across the entire funnel and providing them with a seamless experience. That way, they are not only your loyal customers, they are also your brand’s spokesperson. With a decade-long experience as a growth marketing agency, our team of dedicated growth marketing experts has helped over 250 businesses grow to their potential. We try newer hypotheses, put them to the test, and quickly zero in on what works.