What is E-A-T Algorithm and SEO Ranking Factors in 2022-23

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The E-A-T algorithm is the new SEO ranking factor. It was created in order for users to have an easier time finding high-quality information when searching on Google. The E-A-T algorithm takes into account three main factors:

  • Expertise: A website's author or authors must demonstrate expertise in their field by having experience, knowledge, and skills that are relevant to the content of the website.
  • Authority: A website must demonstrate authority on its topic by having a large number of credible links from other websites that are high in quality.
  • Trust: A website can gain trustworthiness by showing its commitment to providing accurate information and following ethical practices.

This metric determines which pages appear at the top of a search result page. The higher up your page ranks in Google, the more traffic it will drive to your site. There are many different ranking factors that go into calculating where a page ranks but E-A-T is by far one of the most important ones in growth marketing strategies!

In this blog, we will discuss what exactly covers E-A-T and why it matters when it comes to ranking, along with the top SEO ranking factors in 2022. Let’s delve right into it!

What is E-A-T, and why does it matter?

E-A-T is a major factor in how search engines determine the quality of your website. As you might expect, if you want to rank highly on Google, Bing or Yahoo search results pages (SERPs), you'll need to demonstrate expertise in your niche, get authority from third parties like industry leaders and authorities, and build trust with customers. There are a few effective SEO ranking factors that can ensure a high rank for your website. Let’s see what they are.

Top SEO ranking factors in 2022

1. High-quality content

High-quality content
High-quality content

High-quality content is the key to success in SEO. The E-A-T algorithm considers several factors when determining the quality of your website’s content, including:

  • Originality: You can improve your search engine rankings by writing unique, high-quality text that includes relevant keywords and keyword variations.
  • Informative: Users who are searching for information will not want to sift through pages of material that do not address their needs. If you write about topics related to your business or industry, make sure that you use language that is accurate and understandable by people outside of your field as well.

2. Making a mobile-first website

Making a mobile-first website
Making a mobile-first website

A mobile-first website is one that focuses on the mobile user experience first, then adapts the design for larger screen sizes. Due to the importance of optimising your website for mobile devices, this approach has gained popularity in recent years. It’s important for both SEO and user experience (UX).

A website that’s very engaging and informative might still not work well if it’s not mobile friendly. That’s because a majority of users these days access content on their phones first rather than any other devices. A mobile-first design can be implemented using responsive web design or fixed widths.

3. Website loading speed

Website loading speed
Website loading speed

Google has stated that website loading speed is an important factor in search rankings. As a result, websites with slow load times are becoming less and less competitive. In addition to mobile usage growth, Google has made it clear that they want their SERPs to reflect "the best" content on the web—that is, content that's relevant and useful to users who are looking for it.

This means that if your site takes too long to load, or contains pages that don't provide a good user experience, it could be at risk of losing its position in SERPs compared with other sites that load faster or have better UX.

4. Google My Business (GMB)

Take advantage of Account-based marketing (ABM)
Take advantage of Account-based marketing (ABM)

Google My Business (GMB) is a free service that lets you create and manage a local listing for your business on Google. You can use it to manage all online reviews, photos, and videos for your business. It’s important to ensure that you keep this information up-to-date, so customers know what’s happening at your business and how it can benefit them.

Here’s what you can do to get the most out of Google My Business:

  • Make sure all of the information in the Local Pack is accurate. This includes categories, opening hours, address details and more.
  • Add general information about what you do or sell (like “coffee shop”) as well as specific details about products or services (like “WiFi hotspots available).

5. Domain Authority

Domain Authority
Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a score, ranging from 1 to 100, that Google uses to determine the quality of your website. The higher your Domain Authority, the better your SEO rankings will be.

It’s calculated using an algorithm that takes into consideration several factors like:

  • Links pointing back to your website
  • Site age
  • Bounce rate (how many visitors leave after visiting only one page of your website)
  • Keyword-rich content on all pages

To have a higher Domain Authority, you need to work on all the above-mentioned aspects.

6. Keyword Optimisation

Keyword Optimisation
Keyword Optimisation

Keyword Optimisation is an essential part of SEO. It means making your website relevant to the search terms people are using. This will help your website appear at the top of the SERPs when people search for those keywords, leading to more website traffic.

Keyword Optimisation also helps you get ranked on Google’s organic searches by helping you focus on key terms that people use when they search online, helping them find what they need from a brand or business like yours. Moreover, it ensures that your site is easily discoverable by Google algorithm and other search engines, as well as easy to navigate once users get there.

7. Website Security

Website Security
Website Security

One of the most important aspects of keeping your website secure is using HTTPS. This means that your site can be accessed using a secure connection between the user and your server. This prevents users from compromising their passwords or other sensitive information while they are browsing your site. It also helps to ensure that your traffic is not being monitored by third parties.

Website security is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a website host—and this is especially true if you're looking to grow your business and develop an online presence that can help you reach new customers.


The E-A-T algorithm is a big part of ranking on Google, and it’s one that you can use to your advantage. If you want your business to rank high in search results, then it’s important that you understand the E-A-T algorithm and how it works. Collaborating with a team of digital experts is also essential to rank your website at the top of SERPs.

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