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Category : Real Estate Marketing Author : Team Amura Date : 10 Sep 2020

Endorsement of a site that includes video footage gets inquired of almost the quadruple amount. Real estate video marketing is an impactful instrument in any buyer's hands because there is hardly a more immersive and distant way of showcasing a property. Taking potential clients on tours is a time-consuming affair where you can be invested in one client at a time. Still, with the reach of video content, a lot of clients can have a virtual tour of the estate without you having to show them individually.

What constitutes a good video?

Over 40% of people who are interested in real estate find real estate video marketing to be an important addition to any property’s endorsement details.

Here are a few pointers that one can follow to make good video content.

  • Have a back story:

    A lot of customers are interested in more things than what comes as an accessory to the house. To have a better pitch try and impress your customer with less materialistic things like a neighborhood, sense of belonging, and the warmth that comes with the house.
  • Direct attention towards specifications:

    If you go and start talking about every nook and corner of the house, you will end up with a tedious video that won't hold the customer's attention for long. Instead, focus on the features that other houses won't offer. Make an effort to please and surprise the customer in the same breath.
  • Good quality shoot:

    Don't just present your house in any way. There should be professionalism in the shoot of the house. Take time to install proper lights, hire good videographers, and acquaint them with space. If a customer sees that a video is haphazardly shot, he might not be able to see the house in the best light. Also, a frugal approach in a shooting is not the right real estate video marketing strategy. However, this doesn't entail reckless spending on camera equipment.
  • A call to action should be added:

    A quickly made video without information at the end of it is an indicator of amateurish work. Always add your contact information and the price of the property at the end of the video, even if it is approximate. The contact will help the potential buyer in getting in touch with you or negotiate. A lot of homeowners also might feel the need to contact you after seeing your video. This will help them, as well.
  • Have a strategy that will be able to increase your reach:

    If you are wondering how potential clients will be able to access your property video marketing stunt, start using YouTube. YouTube is the leading resource for video content in the world, and a lot of people view property listings on it. The other thing you can do to increase your video's reach is to open a Facebook page and promote yourself there.

Other forms of video marketing

Video marketing for realtors involves the conventional mode of virtual tours of properties, while a lot of sellers want to think out of the box. They would want to change the mode of the video shoot to something different.

Here are the other kinds of video that one could make:

  • Interview Videos:

    The best thing about working in real estate is the number of connections that the seller has made. So instead of showing tours of houses, you could also let a connection be your mouthpiece and talk about your credibility and resourcefulness.
  • Going Live:

    Instead of documenting the firsthand experience, you can also go live from different social media platforms and just let your contacts speak their heart out. Also, while you are at the property, you can go live. If you do that, you can avoid the expenses associated with a shoot. The thoughts of potential buyers will manifest itself on the comment thread in real-time.
  • A video that involves the property's external elements:

    You can also make a video of the area surrounding the property to take into account the warmth of the neighborhood to instill a community feeling or to take opinions of nearby vendors of the community.

A lot of people have taken to real estate digital marketing to expand their reach from local to beyond that. This enables them to get more leads in comparatively less time and optimize resources. In an informal way, you can also get started on content like day-in-the-life videos to give a glimpse to your potential customer about the life of the neighborhood. Testimonial videos are, however, impactful where customers narrate their firsthand experience in doing business with you.

At Amura, we have been running such real estate video marketing campaigns for our clients for more than a decade now. Feel free to get in touch to discuss video marketing for your real estate business at

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