10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Category : Real Estate Marketing Author : Team Amura Date : 10 Aug 2020

Real estate isn’t just about selling a piece of land or a structured building. You are selling what could be their homes or workspaces, which is also their second home. Real estate Agents are aware of the fact that more than the property, the customers are going to rely on them for making a decision. That’s when the marketing skills of a real estate agent speak for itself. And real estate facebook marketing is currently the real deal in the social media scenario.

Here are ten powerful tips to ace your real estate facebook marketing game:

facebook real estate marketing strategies
facebook real estate marketing strategies

1. Target The Right Audience

The detailed targeting of Facebook is what makes it unique and spot on. The reach you get through the right ad, and perfect targeting is unimaginable.

According to a report, there are over 2.6 billion monthly active users on Facebook, but how many of them are looking for a property? You can’t be spending your hard-earned money on people who are killing their time on Facebook, right?

2. Make It Local

Similar to the right age group, you have to make sure your ad is visible in the right areas. If you aren’t promoting locally, your ad will be moving downhill. Promote in the overpopulated areas near your property and the areas where the property prices are on a hike.

The Facebook Ad Manager will let you manage every aspect of the filter to make your ad a success. Narrow it down to the most probable leads.

3. Captivating Graphics

On social media, your graphics are the key to a sale, and real estate Facebook Marketing works with the right kinds of images. Pictures you put up can make or break your ad. With aesthetic images of your current property, you can attract some major clients as these images are nothing less than a magnet.

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If you have two seconds to capture someone’s attention, you have to pull out the big guns of creativity and uniqueness.

4. Easy To Read Ad Copy

While your images play a vital role in capturing attention, your copy needs to be crisp, to the point, and easy to read. Putting up complex words to make it sound like an elite novel won’t help you much. When it comes to Facebook Marketing, your aim should be to get a click the moment a potential client comes across the ad.

Put your excellent copywriting skills to use and give all the required information in lesser words.

5. Strong CTAs

Why do you think people will click on your ad when you haven’t given them one final reason to choose you? Another question is: Are you even adding a CTA? No one! We repeat no one will click on your ad if the CTA is absent or if it is lousy.

Give them a link where you want them to go and book an appointment. Without a proper address, the lead is going to get lost in the ad and move ahead with scrolling.

6. Informative Landing Pages

Now that we are talking about CTA, the link you add in the CTA has to give all the detailed information your potential client might need. After your Facebook ad has worked up its charm, it’s your turn to provide the right information through the landing page of your Real Estate business.

With a proper contact page, user-friendly website, and reviews, you should be able to gain the trust of people looking for a property.

7. Watch Your Competitors

Now that you have put up an ad, it is all about looking at other Real Estate Agents and their Facebook Marketing Campaigns. No, we aren’t asking you to copy what others are doing, but it is essential to know what works for people and what doesn’t.

As people are gaining new skills, it is no longer limited to images in Facebook Marketing. Check out the animations that fellow Real Estate Agents are using and inspire your copy ads with unique elements.

8. Testing

All the tricks you have up your sleeves, it’s time to roll them down and begin with the testing. There are different kinds of people surfing the internet. Some would like your text better, and some would be attracted to the graphics you put up.

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You can put up two different ads to see which one gives you a better return and work your way up to a successful Facebook Marketing Campaign.

9. Watch The Analytics

When your ads are running, you have to keep an eye on the Facebook Ad Analytics. It is necessary to find out which ad gives you a better result and which filters worked for your business through Facebook Marketing.

10. Keep The Relevance Score High

There will be people who won’t understand your ad and still click on it, and some lost souls will click on the ad unintentionally. Such clicks are going to make you lose your money, and that is the reason your ad needs to have a high relevance score.

The lesser the relevant ad, the more CPC you will have to pay. Facebook makes sure to reward ads that have a high relevance score among users. The average CTR of an ad is 1%, and if you have a better CTR, you have an ad that is relevant to your target audience.


Real estate is a business that may differ each day and you have no control over what may happen the next moment. All you can do is analyze the situation and change your real estate digital marketing strategy to a more suitable approach.

At Amura Marketing Technologies, we have successfully delivered results for our real estate clients for more than a decade now. To witness similar results for your businesses, get in touch at

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Comments (28)

  namrata kamble posted 2 months ago

most advance and unique idea for real estate marketing. its very useful for business.

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  Sam Andrews posted 3 months ago

I liked how you mentioned that you should promote yourself locally when marketing as a real estate agent.

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  Gustavo Woltmann posted 4 months ago

Your tips are great. I'll keep visiting

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  Stanley Thomas posted 5 months ago

Great content! I would like marketing tips for real estate agents Thanks!

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  Sylvia posted 11 months ago

It is prudent to always watch and learn from what your competitors are doing. There is always something new to learn.

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  Storm posted 11 months ago

The importance of an Easy to read ad can't be overstated. Many times I have seen good ads get messed up with too much complex words.

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  Anderson posted 11 months ago

In facebook marketing, you only get a window of a few seconds to capture your audience's attention. The ad must therefore be very eye catching!

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  Shantel posted 11 months ago

Hiring a graphics designer is never a bad idea. It can really help your ads pop.

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  Louis posted 11 months ago

Is it advisable to have a social media manager? Or would that be too costly?

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  Teddy posted 11 months ago

I like the point about making it local. The geography of your target audience is very vital.

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  Daphne posted 11 months ago

Indeed getting the right target audience is key. It is what turns an ad into a sale.

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  Oliver posted 11 months ago

2.6 billion active monthly users is huge. That is what makes Facebook the most effective advertising platform.

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  Patricia posted 11 months ago

What I like most about FB marketing is the targeting. More often than not you can get the best target audience due to Facebook's algorithm.

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  Meg W posted 11 months ago

I think a course should be introduced in our universities for facebook marketing. It's gotten so big.

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  Roy posted 11 months ago

The power of Facebook can't be overlooked when it comes to marketing especially for Real Estate. This article couldn't have come at a better time for me.

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  Grace posted 11 months ago

We cannot underestimate the power of social media and especially Facebook in advertising your brand. These are great tips.

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  Femi posted 11 months ago

It isn't only about selling on Facebook, anywhere you are doing business, it is good to always look out to see what your competitors are doing.

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  Mariz Tina Mispeñas posted 11 months ago

We are in the digital era and facebook is one of the famous platforms to promote products. As we all know anybody with the knowledge of using it can see ads within it. Facebook is now considered as a marketing tool for me.

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  David Tjoe posted 11 months ago

Well, these tips are very useful because more and more people are using the internet to find information about their dream house, or maybe just for investment needs. That is why, an online real estate agent is required not only to have their own website / blog, but also a Facebook business page. So you clearly need a precise and effective strategy to assist in marketing your real estate.

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  Gillian posted 11 months ago

Great marketing tips over here. This not only applies to real estate but a variety of businesses.

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  Farhan Akhtar posted 11 months ago

Such precious marketing tips for the internet marketers. This is for those who wish to get success.

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  Yerson Ortiz posted 11 months ago

What a beautiful job of real estate agents, I think it is not easy, but not impossible, the most important thing is to know that we have tools like Facebook to put it to good use when buying and selling real estate.

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  Rae posted 11 months ago

Thank you for the informative article. Facebook is a good place to start and/or other social media platforms for it to work and be successful. These tips will definitely be helpful for real estate agents.

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  Oyeyipo Oladele posted 11 months ago

In the journey of successful marketing, targeting of the best and right audience in marketing is a key and first thing to do. This is a very useful and helpful article to be with.

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  Susy R posted 11 months ago

It cannot be denied that currently Facebook is the most popular social media and the most users. Since this digital age, social media is an important component in developing a more extensive business network, including the real estate business.

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  Danielle M posted 11 months ago

Wonderful tips, Im sure that real state agents will find them very helpful and will increase the chances of closing deals.

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  conrad pranze villas posted 11 months ago

Being able to join a real estate company will greatly help a person regarding his/ her financial problem. I really gain new knowledge with this site.

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  betty posted 11 months ago

Valuable marketing tips here for marketers that wants to be successful. The first tip here is to target the right audiences

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