7 Email Marketing Tips for Manufacturing Companies

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Although e-mail marketing is proven to be a powerful marketing tool for different types of businesses, many industries still don’t have a proper email marketing strategy in place. It is an effective way for manufacturing companies to showcase their products and services to prospects, customers and distributors.

More than 3 billion people worldwide are likely to use email by 2020, says HubSpot’s 2017 statistic report. Having said that, here are seven tips that will help manufacturers improve their email marketing strategy, in the manufacturing and industrial sector.

1. Personalize your emails

Your audience receives a handful of emails every day. In order to keep yourself from being ignored personalize your emails keeping your specific audience in mind. People are more likely to open an email if the subject line includes their first name. Segment your audience based on their work, place of stay, interests, and lifestyle and target messages accordingly. The content strategy of your emails needs to be tailor-made for your target audience

2. Tell a story to get higher CTR

Storytelling is a basic principle to get higher sales responses and one of the oldest methods to sell products. People connect with each other on an emotional level through stories and therefore applying the storytelling aspect to email marketing also increases the probability of clicking through and eventually having a genuinely interested lead.

3. Redirect traffic

Leverage your email marketing to redirect traffic to your website. Share links for relevant blogs and other content marketing resources you’ve already created. Establishing a thought-leader space, especially in manufacturing marketing, is important. Try to curate or create updates to safety standards, industry trends, and other relevant industry-related topics. They will also drive new sales, gradually.

4. Don’t try to up-sell

A good marketing campaign ads value to the consumers rather than being sales-oriented upfront. Instead of being invasive and pushing your product, educate and show a genuine desire to help. Your buyers would prefer to gather much knowledge as possible before they make the decision to choose your products or services.

5. Choose the right time

Statistics show people are more likely to be receptive to emails on Wednesdays rather than any other day in the week. Since this insight may vary according to the industry, keep an eye out for any trends in open rates based on time of day. Space out the frequency of your emails appropriately so as to not make the lead feel harassed. Don’t bombard with countless mail, keep it reasonable.

6. Create your subscriber list

Avoid emailing people off an email list you bought and email them without any prior contact. The last thing you would want is your mail to be marked as spam. It’s advisable to grow your in-house subscriber list and get to know your customers and their needs first. Don’t badger someone who is not responding. Collect as many email addresses you can, at manufacturing events or via your blog or website.

7. Switch to marketing automation

Marketing automation helps in making your email marketing strategy efficient by not only automating your communication but also by analyzing and tracking your campaigns’ performance. The software dashboard will let you in your campaign data and reports. By closely monitoring what is working and what’s not, you will be able to check and optimize your clicks, traffic and ultimate sales.

The manufacturing industry typically uses outdated tools for promoting products. By gathering information and email addresses of your potential clients, this can help in seamlessly promoting what your company can offer. Equipped with the right tools, email marketing helps you increase the initial interest level of your potential clients and hopefully convert leads into regular customers. If done right, email marketing has the scope for wielding great returns.

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