Digital Marketing Consulting: Who moved my Samosas?

Category : Digital Marketing Author : Team Amura Date : 10 Feb 2015

Do you like samosas? I am sure you do!

But what is Digital Marketing Consulting?

Digital Marketing Consulting is basically helping organizations figure out where they have a problem and what can they do to solve them from the Digital Marketing Perspective.
Ok, enough of the jargon, I’m more interested in these delicious-looking samosas.

Now let’s assume that you live in Mumbai (as most of our clients’ companies are from Mumbai).

Imagine that your grandmother makes delicious samosas.
Why samosas and not something else? Because I love samosas. So, samosas it is!

Mix Veg, Aloo, Chicken…don’t get hungry just yet! There is a long way to go.

Now, You want to start a business.

You think about your grandma and her samosas. You call her up. You talk about her samosas and how much you loved them. She decides to reveal her secret samosa recipe to you so that you can make them on your own and start packaging Ready-to-fry Frozen Samosas.

You feel like this:


“I will make samosas” – THE BEST DECISION EVER!

You start off in a small way. You register your company, rent a small space, buy the necessary equipment needed, hire a few employees and kick start your samosa business.

Everybody likes my samosas. I am loving it!
Your samosas are doing really good. Everybody is buying them. You scale up your business and create a brand for your Frozen samosas. You do print marketing. Your company keeps growing and growing. And then comes a time, when along with your company, your problems also keep growing.

Everybody likes my samosas – but I am facing so many problems now.
Your flour supplier complains about outstanding payments.
Your purchasing team says that they didn’t order flour in the first place and the flour supplier is referring to a cancelled order.
Your packaging material supplier complains about their delivery trucks taking too much time to unload in your factory.

ABC Retail, one of your top buyers, calls up your sales executive and places a huge order – the executive forgets about it.

You realize that you have produced too much of the Mix Veg Samosas as there is still a considerable amount left from the batch produced last week.

You don’t know where to stop, the list seems endless. Making samosas isn’t fun anymore.

Who can help me?
Someone tells you that you can fix your problems by using Digital Marketing from Amura, which will help you market your samosas without losing your peace of mind.

Interesting? Let’s tell you more about digital marketing agencies.

In your case, you make enough money to afford a good Digital Marketing Agency in India which can take care of all your issues related to:
1. Selling inventory, by finding new markets that have a demand to absorb the excess supply of samosas in Mumbai. They can take you beyond, to reach Pune, Nagpur and other cities.
2. Reaching more people, building your brand
3. Tracking your sales volumes
4. Recording orders from customers
5. Ensuring optimal levels of raw material by calculating potential demand.

Digital Marketing Consulting Companies – Where art thou?

So you approach these companies and tell them about your problem. They say they can help you – and that you should also look at purchasing a CRM system. Your packaging material supplier will know how long the trucks will need to wait and you can also guide them and tell them when is the best time to make a delivery. Your financial books will be easy to maintain.

The ABC Retail guy can directly log into a portal and place his order there. He doesn’t need to talk to a sales guy anymore. This reduced human intervention will fasten the process and make it better. You will also be able to track your inventory better and thus, no more over-production of samosas.
Your problems can thus, be solved by Digital Marketing Companies.

You evaluate their products and consider their offerings, taking into parameters such as:

Cost (It will be economical for you)
Usability (It will be easy for you to use)
Support (You will get help if the system stops working) and many other such factors.

You finally decide to make samosas using marketing technology – the social media will build your brand and build interest and following.

Thank you Digital Marketing Consulting Companies: A conversation

I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart as you’ve helped me sell my samosas more efficiently. Without your help, I would have struggled a lot. But tell me something…

Samosa guy: Why do you have so much work?
Marketer: As you see, your business is comprised of so many divisions.

You have a purchasing team to buy the right stuff, a production line to manufacture and pack your delicious samosas, a great supply chain to ensure that your products reach your customers across the country, a great sales team to find new customers like ABC Retail and a great marketing team to reach your end-consumers (which could also be a 15 year old kid) by using advertisements that position your samosas as the best.

On our end, we have specialized teams to help each of your divisions.

But, we are a company too. So we have our team on payroll and yes, we have our own systems as well. There is just so much work to do.

Samosa guy: Why do you need so many people?

Marketer: Because we don’t make samosas. We make products which can be built only by humans and not by machines. Machines make your company products. Our products are made by people like you and me.
I need more of them so that I get more business. We tell other companies that we have 200 people ready to help you out using our CRM solution if you do business with us.

So, we need more people.

Samosa guy: Who are your clients?

Marketer: As you see, you are in the samosa business. But we have a lot of clients across different industries.
The next time you visit someone, you may notice that your apartment was built by one of our clients.
The next time you do an online transaction, the web portal might have been developed by us.
The next time you walk into a supermarket, the receipt might have been printed using our system.

You see, my samosa friend, we are everywhere. We are Digital Marketers.


Denver Mascarenhas

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