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Category : Digital Marketing Author : Team Amura Date Created: 23 Mar 2018

When was the last time you had flown from your city without a Facebook check-in? We all know the influence of social media and, more so, the power of Facebook when it comes to influencing our day-to-day decisions and flaunting our uber-cool lifestyle. From the latest fashion trends to connecting with relatable communities or planning our latest holiday, Facebook plays a vital role.

In fact, our decisions are more or less an after-effect of the content consumed on Facebook. And when it comes to driving your travel sales, what better than Facebook Business to find all the right people at the right time.

Here’s a quick overview of how Facebook Business can drive sales at a much lower cost for your travel brand.

Be Consistent

Have a hands-on approach to Facebook and keep your business page buzzing with relevant and promotional content. Make sure you boost the top performing posts and ensure they reach your target audience.

Target the right audience

Use Custom audience and lookalike modeling to expand your customer database. Try and vary the imagery and communication to avoid ad fatigue.

Acquire new customers & upsell current customers

Drive traffic to your website by targeting your adverts. You can reach people based on age, gender, demographics, interest targeting or use your own data and create a custom audience.

Drive app installs

Encourage your app usage by running mobile app install adverts. On clicking the advert, people will be able to download the app from the Facebook mobile news-feed itself.

Promoting offers for Sales and Service

Target unique offers to specific customer segments by using Facebook offers and make the decision-making rather easy for your first- time customer.

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Success Story

Facebook's Make-My-Trip success stories are a perfect example of a travel brand hitting all the right notes with Facebook Business.
The online travel company retargeted potential customers with personalized hotel recommendations using dynamic ads for travel, leading to a 20X growth in sales from its mobile app at half the cost of its website sales.

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We, as India’s only second Facebook Marketing Partner, have the required expertise and can provide customized support to help your travel business grow.


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