6 Facebook Ad Formats Every Advertiser Should Know

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Indians on an average spend approximately three hours per day on their mobile phones. Over 77 million Indians use Facebook every day. In this digital age, it cannot be stressed enough how vital it is for advertisers to maximize the potential of social media as advertising platforms to better their reach and conversions.

Even in the social media spectrum, Facebook is the best platform to leverage - people return to Facebook's News Feed on an average 14 times a day. Hence, we have drafted a list of popular Facebook ad formats every digital advertiser should know about.

amura  video ads

1.  Image Ads

This format epitomizes the adage - “A picture speaks a thousand words”, where the ad creative pretty much drives the objective of grabbing eyeballs. Thus, it is imperative that every ad agency possesses creative and intelligent designers who can come up with brilliant ideas. However, the accompanying text should also entice the user, otherwise, the chances of a user clicking on the ad reduce substantially.

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2.  Video Ads

Videos are immensely popular in the world of social media. More information can be communicated in a shorter period of time with this format, especially considering social media isn't known for its text-heavy content. Digital advertisers can also tell a story using visually attractive elements driving more brand awareness and sales.
Clearly, this format is the future of advertising and it is imperative that ad agencies leverage it to the maximum.

amura slideshow ads

3.  Slideshow Ads

While videos are indeed captivating, it can exponentially spike a firm's advertising budget. In addition, it takes a lot of time - from pre-production to post-production - and not every firm can afford that amount of time and money. The biggest handicap of videos, especially in a place like India, is that not everyone has ample bandwidth and speed to render them.
Enter Facebook's slideshow ads, which is almost like a video but without the added time and expense. Similar to videos, you can seamlessly incorporate moving visuals, sound, and text in this format and tell attractive stories. In fact, an impressive slideshow can also be created using stock images taken from your mobile phone. Overall, it takes relatively less time to produce and also isn't bandwidth and speed hungry like videos.

360 video ad amura
360 video ad amura

4.  360 Video/Image Ads

As the name suggests, these ads give a panoramic insight into your products and/or services. And it's extremely easy to create. All you have to do is use a 360 photo app or a camera which has the ability to take panoramic pictures and upload it on Facebook, which will then transform it into an immersive experience.
This ad format is especially useful for real estate advertising as the lead or the potential lead will get the sweeping view of the development, assisting in acquiring quality leads.

amura carousel ads
amura carousel ads 2

5.  Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are interactive and an all-in-one package, where you can include up to 10 images and/or videos and also headlines, links, and even a call-to-action button.
This ad format is also exceptionally flexible allowing advertisers to use audio and visual elements as they please. So all 10 slots of a carousel ad can be filled with just images or only videos or a combination of both.
As Carousel ads provide an immersive experience to the users, it is ideal for targeting returning or high-intent customers.These ads only get activated after a user hovers over it. He can then indulge in the ad by swiping on his mobile screen or clicking on the arrow key on the keyboard.The primary benefits of this format are that it creates attractive and immersive ads, significantly reduces your cost-per-conversion and decreases your cost-per-click.

amura  image ads
amura  360 video/image ads
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6.  Canvas Ads

This ad format is more interactive and immersive than carousels and is currently the king of all Facebook ads, having the brilliant capacity to seamlessly incorporate text, videos, images, slideshows, carousels, and a call-to-action button.
It is an excellent platform for digital advertisers to narrate stories regarding a particular product and/or service, attracting more quality leads and achieving a better conversion ratio. Another important facet of this format is that is designed for mobile, which means, the ad will load as much as 10 times quicker than the standard mobile web.
For more details: Canvas Facebook Ads

In conclusion, the various creative formats that Facebook has in its arsenal helps in achieving one of the best CTRs among all ad formats. Various image, video, and interactive ads provide an immersive experience to the user. In fact, interactive ads are so powerful, it can actually give a detailed insight into how a property looks and might even cut down on the need for a site visit.
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Thus, these above-mentioned benefits are why Facebook enjoys a reputation as an enormously successful digital advertising tool.

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