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Case Study
Panvelkar - The Mega Property Exhibition

Sell.Do, Amura's proprietary SaaS-based platform, helps Panvelkar Group close more leads and achieve exceptional returns on marketing spends, generating higher revenues for the Mega Property Exhibition.


The Mega Property Exhibition (MPE) by the Panvelkar Group was an event held to showcase the group’s’ extensive inventory under one roof across Ambernath and Badlapur. The event aimed at delivering budget properties straight from the developer to the target audience – properties that consumers can browse through and select at the exhibition.

How do you manage your leads? How do you manage all the inventory? How do you track your leads? How do you calculate the ROI on every rupee you will spend on promoting your portal online? How do you manage your sales? How do the developers’ sales teams get in touch with the leads, once generated? This is exactly where Sell.Do, the sales and marketing automation platform, comes into the picture.

Sell.Do is Amura’s proprietary SaaS-based sales and marketing automation platform with integrated telephony that is capable of handling all these functions in one user-friendly interface. It’s the most effective sales and marketing tool currently available for the real estate industry. Sell.Do enables your sales team to close more deals and your marketing team to achieve exceptional returns on their spends, thereby helping developers save more and generate higher revenues.


Keeping in mind that MPE would generate huge amounts of data at every stage, Sell.Do was used to store all the data as well as use it for our nurturing & remarketing strategies.

Sell.Do would then also be used to organise the lead flow into a systematic output comprising of accurate lead distribution, allowing the respective sales team to nurture the acquired leads and convert them into probable buyers. This way we could reach potential buyers at an optimum cost.

Sell.Do would further help the sales teams of participating developers in accurately reaching out to each and every lead and to nurture these leads by tracking the entire lifecycle of each one, from its inception to closure.


Workflow and Communication Automation is a breakthrough feature in Sell.Do which helps act like an auto-pilot reducing workload over managers and sales in terms of managing leads better. It is a dynamic feature that will allow you to set processes as per your organization in Sell.Do. For e.g.,- Allocation of NRI lead to NRI team, Scheduling of Follow Up after Site visit, etc.

There are three parameters associated with the workflow:-

  • Event – Event is a process that executes when any executive performs any activity in Sell.Do, Workflow initiates with an event. For e.g.,- New Lead created, Follow Up scheduled, Site visit scheduled, etc.

  • Condition – Workflow checks for a condition when an event is fired. For e.g.,- Lead touched, Site visit status, Current state, State. We can add multiple conditions in one workflow.

  • Action – Workflow ends with an action. For e.g.,- Send transactional SMS, Send Email, Schedule follow-up, Schedule site visit.

For MPE, an automated workflow was extensively used to help the sales teams have a more accurate lead flow mechanism. Since there was a tremendous flow of leads coming into Sell.Do, the workflow was able to manage all these processes automatically on the backend which eased the workload on the sales managers and team leads.

A special walk-in form was created to enter the customer’s details into at the exhibition which was then linked to a workflow in Sell.Do which automatically shot an emailer and SMS to the lead which had inquired online or visited the exhibition.


Overall, it has been a successful campaign with over 200 bookings being done across all sources. The Mega Property Exhibition has captured the highest number of bookings in the budget homes segment.
Sell.Do has played an important role in capturing all the data and enabling the marketers to successfully analyse and optimize the campaigns in real time to get the most out of each lead generated in terms of CPLs and provide a clear picture as to how Sell.Do has been such a great technical help and boon for Panvelkar.

By Junaid Syed & Himanshu Parikh

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