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Regent Hill is a part of the world-class township - Hiranandani Gardens in Powai. It is crafted for the ambitious minds, who aspire to explore Hiranandani’s timeless architecture and experience its one-of-a-kind lifestyle.

Higher-priced 1 BHK apartments with smaller carpet areas as compared to the competitors.
To influence the audience aspiring a luxurious lifestyle offered by the Hiranandani brand.
Convince the target audience about the superior experience of living at the most-desired location - Powai.
To showcase the investment value for the higher-priced Regent hill 1BHK.
Campaign & Execution
Hiranandani Regent Hill Case Study


Demographic Segmentation:

  • Age: 30 to 60+ years
  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Marital Status: Married, Unmarried
  • Occupation: CEO, Directors, Business Heads, Businessmen, Diamond Merchants, Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Sports player, Working in the entertainment business, etc.
  • Location: Mumbai

Psychographic Segmentation:

  • Upgrade to a better society community/location, first-time home-buyers, investors, people interested in luxurious property
  • Tech-savvy: iPhone and Galaxy users
  • Frequent International Travellers


Marketing Strategy: Full-Funnel Approach

We formulated a growth marketing strategy to tackle these challenges and reach our goal.

Top of the Funnel:

  • We aimed at driving the ambitious audience to the website by building their interest towards the Hiranandani Brand & lifestyle, the Architecture & design and the Powai location advantage.
  • We planned to use Ad Automation Tools to maximise the efficiency and delivery of the ads.
  • To overcome the competition, we planned guerrilla campaigns to drive a maximum audience to the landing page.

Middle of the Funnel:

  • We then planned to engage the audience by showcasing inspiring Visual content such as videos, virtual tour to increase conversion ratios on the landing page.
  • We planned to use remarketing ads to drive the intended audience to the page and increase conversions.

Bottom of the funnel:

  • We planned a nurturing flow to ensure the incoming leads are shared with maximum relevant information of the project and is nurtured at set regular intervals to maximise conversions.


Demographic Segmentation

We formulated a growth marketing strategy to tackle these challenges and reach our goal.

  • The communication approach was ‘homes for the ambitious’. The communication was devised to inspire the audience for investing in the premium lifestyle offered by the brand at a premium location in Mumbai.
  • We spoke about the well-established Hiranandani Gardens - a township with a range of world-class amenities and recreational areas.
  • Apart from the Special scheme communicated in the launch phase (₹1.26 Cr* in CLP I 20:80 - ₹1.40 Cr*), the communication focused on extensive amenities and township living to meet the challenge of price and competition.


Launch Phase: TOFU

Launch Phase Objective: To build high brand awareness & achieve higher lead volume by focussing on generating quality leads and leveraging top performing platforms, creatives and communication.

Hiranandani Case Study
TOFU: Building Brand Awareness
  • We started the launch campaign by generating brand awareness through Google search; we used Ad automation tools to maximise our ad efficiency and delivery.
  • Additionally, we deployed a reach and frequency campaign, we used video, carousel & static formats on Facebook and ran a branding campaign on Google Display Network.
  • We ran native ads on platforms such as TOI, Yahoo, Taboola and in-app ads on Inshorts.
  • We used online real estate portals like 99 acres and Magic Bricks.
  • We used Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.
  • We also used YouTube bumper ads and Trueview ads for branding.
Launch Phase: MOFU
  • We used Google search targeting brand, brand+property and generic keywords; we also ran guerilla campaigns to overcome the competition challenge. Different ad extensions such as call extension, site extension, etc. were used for quick access. We also used Ad automation tools to maximise delivery.
  • Using Facebook Newsfeed & Lead Generation campaigns, we achieved significantly higher lead volume. We also targeted the audience based on interests, job titles, behaviour, business & finance, IT & Pharma audience and also used Geo-targeting.
  • Yahoo Native and Taboola, along with online real estate portals like 99 acres and Magic Bricks contributed with quality leads. We also used Youtube video ads for lead generation.
Launch Phase: MOFU/BOFU
  • We successfully converted the audience with purchase intent gathered in the teaser phase and the new audience from the launch phase by reaching out to them via remarketing campaigns on Google Display and Facebook and thus achieved a higher conversion rate.
  • In the Remarketing & Nurturing stages, SMS and Whatsapp activities helped us create urgency in the user’s mind to book the home online.
  • We optimised the campaigns regularly by focussing on quality leads, maintaining lower CPLs by investing only in top performing platforms. This approach helped us get a higher quality of leads at a much reduced average cost per qualified lead.

Optimisation & Experimentation

Data-Driven Decision Making: Experimentation:

We focused on continuous data monitoring for optimising ongoing campaigns to lower CPLs and achieve a higher number of quality leads, site visits and bookings.

  • We planned out A/B testing setups for various communication and creatives.
  • We tried and tested different platforms to analyse which platform contributes towards achieving the objective.

Experimentation: Creative formats


To understand which format performs better and accordingly optimise the campaigns by focusing spends on the top-performing ad format.


We found that video ads performed the best for us, we got the highest CTR and leads from these ads.

Experimentation: Video Duration


Video comparison for 10-sec and 20-sec was conducted on Facebook to understand which video gave higher conversions.


20-sec video had the highest CTR. It performed better, giving us 25 leads with spends of 57K. We concluded that a genuine audience with purchase intent would view the complete video to consume more information and then convert to a lead.


Mobile-first Landing Page

The Landing Page plays a very crucial part of the conversion cycle. For Runwal Tulip, we developed a mobile-first landing page targeting maximum mobile users.

Landing page checklist:

  • A clear, tightly-written headline and sub-headline that answers 'What is it?' and 'What does it do for me(the user)?'
  • The promise made in the headline is expanded upon in the subsequent section
  • The headline is compelling without being misleading
  • The copy & promise of the ads are articulated on the page
  • The images from the ad are shown on the landing page and are mobile-first
  • The design of the landing page is consistent with the ad
  • The offer is something the target audience wants/needs/relates to
  • The product is depicted via authentic imagery or video
  • The product features are depicted via authentic imagery, bullet lists, etc.
Lead Form/CTA
  • Form Visibility: The form is immediately visible on the mobile screen with the appropriate form size
  • Appropriate Number of Fields: The number of form fields is appropriate for the offer. There were no optional fields
  • Visible & Noticeable CTA: The CTA is visible, it stands out and is reiterated throughout the page
Professional Mobile-first Design
  • The layout is smooth & revolves around a single idea
  • Fonts are consistent
  • Images are authentic and in ratio with the mobile screen
  • The page flow is intuitive to the user with minimum scrolls
Visual Hierarchy
  • Homepage Banner: Home-page banner covers basic and most important information
    • Price
    • Configuration
    • Location
    • Offer
    • Concept
  • Visual cues to highlight key areas: The page & design guide the eye to high priority sections
  • Page design fits a singular theme: The fonts, colors, imagery & copy complement each other
Leads Received
Site Visits
Flats Booked
More Leads Generated