The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Transforming the Future of Digital Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence can be safely considered one of the biggest inventions of mankind. Today, AI affects several aspects of our lives, from smart devices to social media, online shopping, chatbots, and many more. AI has also completely revolutionized the way we work. It is prevalent across almost every industry, digital marketing being no exception.

There is no denying that AI has taken digital marketing to another level. Businesses use smart algorithms to analyze huge amounts of data related to their customers, giving them a more personalized experience online.

Much of the marketing world still depends on human attributes such as empathy, compassion, and storytelling which are difficult for machines to emulate. However, we've seen AI continuously improve from the day it dawned. But how much further can it go? Can it add any more value to the digital marketing industry? The answer is a resounding yes! Let's deep dive into how AI still has the potential to transform the future of digital marketing.

• Enhanced Personalization and Recommendation

The way customers respond to advertising is changing faster than you think. Gone are the days when media advertising or spamming the inbox could attract potential customers to your site. Customers nowadays prefer personalized marketing that caters to their interests.

Data from a recent report revealed that 43% of customers are more likely to purchase from companies that personalize their customer experience. This can be made possible by using AI in digital marketing. The power of AI can be leveraged to track customers' preferences, habits, and buying behavior. These insights can then be used to recommend products and services that customers are more likely to be interested in.

The brand promotions that are tailored to past interactions with customers are most likely to convert the lead to sales. Not just the product and services, but AI can also identify the best timing of targeted advertising that is more likely to drive conversions. Many E-commerce giants are already leveraging the technology to lure customers with tailor-made recommendations.

The more past engagements you have with your customers, the higher are the chances of accurate recommendations. By collecting the details of past engagements with your brand, the predictive analytical tools can help you figure out your customer's interest and effectively provide personalized suggestions. Such AI-powered recommendations can significantly contribute to your revenue growth.

• Improved Shopping Experience

AI is bound to revolutionize the way we shop in the future. Many brands are already experimenting with different ways to improve the shopping experience by utilizing the various AI tools at their disposal.

Multinational clothing retailers have started using AI to create virtual fitting rooms. This will let you try different items on yourself before you buy them online. Virtual fitting rooms can go a long way to reduce reverse logistics. IKEA's augmented reality-based app is another example of how far AI can go. The app allows customers to visualize furniture in their own homes.

Another AI tool that you can use to enhance customer experience is AI Chatbots. We've all heard of virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Chatbots are a great way to deal with common customer queries and provide instant replies any time of the day. You can program them to answer frequently asked questions by engaging in human-like conversations. They not only enhance the user experience but also help your business collect leads while you're sleeping.

• Better Advertising

Better Advertising
Better Advertising

Broadcasting advertisements on television and radio or publishing them in newspapers no longer have the impact they previously used to have. Generalized advertisements won't make your marketing campaign successful in this high-paced world. The key to generating leads is reaching out to the right audience.

This is where AI-based digital marketing can come to your rescue. AI opens up avenues for creating innovative ad campaigns. It can help you find new advertising channels not previously used by your competitors.

For instance, American Shoe manufacturer Airwalk used Augmented Reality based apps to promote their limited edition shoes. People had to download the app to find virtual shoes that were linked via GPS in New York and Los Angeles. Those who could find the virtual shoes were then directed to Airwalk's eCommerce website.

• Content Creation and Curation at Scale

Content Creation and Curation at Scale
Content Creation and Curation at Scale

Content marketing is an effective way to gather traffic to your site and improve your sales. However, the process is resource-intensive. But the past few years have seen a change brought about by AI in the game of content creation.

Sophisticated AI tools are known to generate content that ranks well on search engines automatically. They are good at coming up with clickbait and SEO keywords. Besides, their algorithm can be used to create tailor-made content for each target group segment. This target group can be identified through multiple tags and metadata generated with the help of AI.

Moreover, AI can work at a speed that humans can never match. We have automated content software nowadays that can generate news stories and reports in a matter of a few seconds. The same would have taken hours for a human to create.

• AI-Powered Website Builders

AI-Powered Website Builders
AI-Powered Website Builders

AI-powered website builders are the future of website designing. Several AI-powered website design platforms are already making website designing less labor-intensive. They collect data on user behavior and user interaction with your content to design a customized website for you.

From the website layout to color and typography, you can trust AI to take care of all your website building needs. They can control your site's analytics and recommend improvements that lead to increased traffic on your site.

Most AI-powered websites are currently in their nascent stages of growth. However, they promise to add tremendous value to the future of AI digital marketing.

Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the digital marketing sector. You cannot undermine the role of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing anymore. If sophisticated AI tools seem too intimidating to you, you can turn to a reliable performance marketing agency that can cater to your unique requirements.

Amura Marketing Technologies can be your ideal partner in this endeavor, delivering its expertise in digital marketing that can help you enhance your digital footprint.

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