Programmatic Buying: 7 reasons it’s essential for your product

Category : Digital Marketing Author : Team Amura Date : 21 Jul 2015

As an end-to-end platform for digital marketing, we have been using both, the Google Display Network as well as direct publishers as solutions for our clients. The main aim behind using these ROI-driven platforms was to ensure that our clients’ products get optimum reach in the market.

However, we realized that only these two platforms are not sufficient to target niche audiences, especially when it comes to premium products – their restricted reach meant that the expected clicks, CTRs were not up to the mark with respect to the cost of such campaigns.

Also, since the real estate market is growing exponentially, as marketers we also have to make sure that our strategy is developed in sync with the latest trends. Today, it’s all about serving impressions in real time by enabling Real Time Bidding (RTB). That’s where we brought in programmatic buying.

Programmatic buying basically means the automated buying and selling of inventory using different ad serving platforms.

Here are 7 reasons you should start using programmatic buying for your product today!

  1. Maximize your reach

We use a Demand Side Platform (DSP), which connects to several ad exchanges, within programmatic buying to deliver impressions across various platforms – an ad exchange is basically a platform that allows the buying and selling of your advertisement based on RTB. One DSP = millions of publishers across the globe. By employing several such DSPs, we maximize your reach manifold.

  1. Reach the people that will buy your product

It’s a solution that enables exact audience targeting and allows us to get your products the best, most relevant websites within the targeting parameters. For premium products, programmatic buying will get you ad placements on premium websites such as,, and more. These exact placements are possible because we use programmatic buying to track user behavior and thus get more control, making your campaign cost-effective.

  1. And reach them again – re-marketing is key!

Re-marketing is one of the biggest plus points of programmatic buying. Once we have the user data, we can have the targets set for the exact user that matches the preferred parameters for your product. The biggest advantage of using programmatic buying through a DSP is cross-platform (Google, Facebook), cross-device re-marketing (desktop & mobile) which allows you to re-target customers – for example, you can re-target consumers on Facebook who has already clicked your ad on Google, or re-target them on mobile if they have clicked it on desktop.

  1. Reach them faster and reach them smarter.

Programmatic buying uses cross-channel advertising to reach your targeted audience on any device and any channel/platform – in just milliseconds! Your product’s ad is shown to exactly the right people with unparalleled efficiency.

  1. Nurture your audience efficiently

Programmatic buying allows you to better target your prospective leads. Indeed, the platforms allow you to uniquely identify customers across their buying cycle and integrate first-party data (from your CRM tool) along with third-party data to nurture your audience. The technology has grown to be far better and helps us collect user data beforehand by using its structured model, which enables precise targeting. You can thus use advertisements tailored to nurture the prospect at every stage of the buying cycle.
The prospective leads thus captured can be converted at a much faster rate and at a lower cost than with traditional purchases, ultimately bringing you a much higher ROI.

  1. Skip the middlemen

Programmatic buying has taken the manual approach away from the ad buying process, plus cut down on the unnecessary middlemen and nullified the negotiation on pricing – thus saving you both time and money!

  1. Get insights and feedback

As stated earlier, programmatic buying gives us more control over campaigns – be it the type of placement (above the fold or below the fold) and the relative ECPM (effective cost per thousand impressions).
In addition, programmatic buying provides not only the detailed data before the audience is targeted, but also provides real-time reporting with insights after the impressions are delivered. You’ll receive feedback on how audiences engaged with your ad, as well as the factors contributing to its success.

As a digital marketing agency, we work with the Demand Side Platform (DSP), which is an essential element in programmatic buying. We initiated programmatic buying by enabling Double Click by Google (a DSP) – and as we built our expertise, started enabling more and more DSPs such as PocketMath, Millennial Media, Xad and more.

We at Amura set Real Time Bidding (RTB) campaigns up on a DSP; we try to make the most of each targeting method while bearing in mind things such as campaign goals, historical & real-time data, budgets, frequency caps, geography, etc. We also set up the bids depending on how much an impression is worth to our clients based on their ROI goal.

On the other side, the publisher provides its inventory to an Ad Exchange or an ad server. When a consumer visits a publisher’s webpage and it begins to load, it sends information to the ad server about the available ad space (size, geographical location, content category, operating system, etc.). Using this information and matching parameters, the DSP (where we set everything up) decides whether we want the impression and how much we’ll bid for it, based on its unique value to us. The auction takes place and if our bid wins (based on the real-time market demand), our client’s ads will be shown on the publisher’s webpage. Here’s what makes it even better: This complex and amazing process takes place in only 100 milliseconds!

Stay tuned for a more detailed blog on how programmatic buying works!
We at Amura recently organized India’s first ever realty flash sale, IRFS, and decided to use programmatic buying to explore its potential in the real estate domain. It turned out to be our biggest platform for re-marketing and allowed us to get our creatives onto some of the most premium portals, platforms, and magazines – including,,, and more. Programmatic buying’s targeting and re-marketing with precision brought us over 97.9 million impressions and 1.97 Lac clicks at a CTR of 0.2%.

Programmatic buying is a trend that has been spreading its wings a lot lately – RTB being the integral element of the system, which has been enabled for quite a long time now. As the Internet becomes ever more crowded, everyone is looking for faster and smarter ways to reach their consumers. In addition to the GDN and direct publishers, which we continue to work with, programmatic buying is our next step in the right direction.


Vaibhav Prabhune

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