How to Build an Effective Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

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Most marketing campaigns are done for one objective – getting more leads. Marketing teams are under constant pressure to drive more traffic to websites and generate new leads. The sales team then takes over to convert those leads. Most often we erroneously equate having more traffic to achieving more leads. This is not always true!

Driving ample traffic to your website is important, but it doesn’t always mean that you have more leads. To convert this traffic into leads, you would need to craft a smoother conversion path for your visitors. By intuitively guiding your website traffic from one step to another until they take the desired action, you will automatically generate more conversions. This is where you need an effective conversion rate optimization or CRO strategy.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Let’s understand the conversion process before getting into the details. When a visitor comes to your website, your communication should influence him/her to get converted. A conversion happens when the visitor undertakes some desired action like filling up a form, signing up for a service or making a purchase. The conversion rate then becomes the number of conversions divided by the total number of website visitors for a certain period of time.

For instance, if your product website receives 200 visitors on a certain day and 25 of them make a purchase, then your conversion rate for that day will be 12.5%.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing your conversion rate for maximum conversions. It is a series of steps you take so that you can enable your website visitors to take action. By modifying certain elements of the webpage, you can increase the chances that these visitors will "convert" into a lead or customer before they leave your website.

In short, CRO helps you increase the number of website visitors who perform the desired action to increase your conversion rate. The percentage can be increased by researching website visitor behaviors, determining what aids conversions and then adjusting your website to execute on those insights.

Top 5 CRO Strategies

1. Run A/B testing on your landing pages

Landing pages are an integral part of any campaign that you run. They act as the conversion grounds where visitors become leads or existing leads engage more deeply with your brand. They play an important role for your business and so, to get the most out of them, you should perform A/B tests on your existing landing pages.

If you can optimize your landing page according to your visitors and industry, it has the potential to become a high performing platform. So make sure you come up with multiple variants and test them out for achieving more conversions. You can come up with multiple variations of copy, offer, images, form questions and design elements on the websites.

2. Create text-based CTAs

Although it's a good practice to include call-to-actions (CTAs) on your website, they sometimes fail because of a phenomenon known as banner blindness. People get used to ignoring banner-like flashy and disruptive content as they are “snack” on content.

This is where text-based CTAs come in handy. By including a standalone phrase linked to a free downloadable or subscription could convert more traffic into leads than regular CTAs.

3. Fast-track leads to marketing-qualified leads (MQLs)

In some cases, website visitors wish to get straight down to business. Rather than being nurtured by marketing offers, they would rather speak with a sales rep directly. You can help such leads to immediately become a marketing-qualified lead with smart CTAs.

Look for ways to remove friction from the sales process like visitors who are more likely to get converted at higher rates. For example, people who sign up for demos are more interested in your product or service. It makes sense to arrange a meeting with a sales rep. Run a series of tests to find out what generates the most customers and optimize it.

4. Add chat features to high-converting web pages

With message tool integrations, you can chat with website visitors in real-time. You should include messaging features to high-performing web pages to increase conversions. When prospects look for critical information like pricing or product info, having messaging support helps increase the chances of conversions.


Chat features to high-converting web pages

Action-based pop-ups can also be helpful. For instance, it makes sense to automatically offer to help and answer any questions if someone has spent more than a minute on the page.

5. Use remarketing to re-engage website visitors

By retargeting people who've left your website, you can re-engage with them. Remarketing ads track your visitors and serve them as they visit other websites. Make sure your remarketing ad takes off from where your visitors left off! Use a well-crafted copy, an enticing image and, if possible, a compelling offer for these ads to work as intended.

Before we wrap up, here’s a handy CRO checklist:

CRO Strategy

Sounds pretty simple, and it is. Conversion rate optimization is an art which convinces your prospects to take any action they aren’t quite ready to commit to. Amura is one of the few digital marketing companies in India who specialize in analyzing, employing and enhancing CRO for clients. By experimenting with CRO strategies, we find out which strategies work best for you and your website visitors so that your optimized website becomes a lean, mean, lead converting machine. Talk to our experts today to know how your business can benefit from our services.

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