8 Actionable Healthcare Marketing Tips To Grow Your Healthcare Brand

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Healthcare marketing is a challenging process. It requires strategic communication for reaching out to new consumers and enhancing awareness of your brand. Keeping healthcare consumers informed of your services is vital for adapting to their changing behaviour, measuring up to their expectations with excellent service, and offering them technologically leveraged assistance. With smart healthcare marketing tips, you can expand your brand's presence and accelerate revenue generation.

Grow Your Healthcare Brand with 8 Proven Marketing Tips

Healthcare digital marketing empowers your brand to establish its niche identity firmly and penetrate a competitive market decisively. You can improve your brand’s business prospects by carefully following the tips discussed below.

1. Take Advantage of Telemedicine & Telehealth

Take Advantage of Telemedicine & Telehealth
Take Advantage of Telemedicine & Telehealth

Telemedicine has been in the market for over a decade. However, it has gained significant traction only after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has essentially become the first choice for patients to connect with doctors. As a matter of fact, insurers reported a whopping 52% increase in the use of telehealth across the Asia Pacific region in 2021. While it is now a go-to option for patients, marketers can leverage smart digital strategies to leverage the growing popularity of telemedicine.

When companies actively market telemedicine to patients, they reach a large audience influenced by the idea of virtual health visits. With patients seeking increased control over their healthcare decisions, telemedicine can be a vital marketing channel that healthcare providers can exploit. By targeting the right audience who will most likely use your telemedicine service, healthcare marketers can benefit both patients and generate greater revenue.

2. Use Consistent Healthcare Branding

Use Consistent Healthcare Branding
Use Consistent Healthcare Branding

Consistent healthcare branding strengthens your brand’s identity, lends it credibility, builds trust, and enables prospects to remember your brand while making purchasing decisions. It reduces the cost of acquiring customers significantly.

For consistent branding -

  • Understand your brand's core values to arrive at its USP (Unique Selling Proposition).
  • Highlight the USP consistently across all touchpoints to instill your brand’s name in patients’ memories.
  • Build trust in consumers by showcasing awards/ recognitions conferred on your brand for successful initiatives/ superlative products.

Gradually, you will learn what works for your brand. Integrate that USP with your marketing strategy for optimum results.

3. Leverage Video Marketing

Leverage Video Marketing
Leverage Video Marketing

Digital marketing for the healthcare industry through videos has a proven record of building consumers' trust and increasing awareness. There is no better place to engage consumers through videos than YouTube, the video platform that experiences four billion+ searches every month.

You can grab the attention of prospects through videos by -

  • Making ad videos of 10 seconds that precede a YouTube video.
  • Building a YouTube channel for promoting your brand’s services, products, etc.
  • Creating videos with a personalized touch that can motivate patients to approach your brand easily without feeling intimidated by healthcare complexities.
  • Posting informative videos consistently that empower patients with actionable knowledge.
  • Never compromising on quality.
  • Encouraging the marketing team to capture everything that can enhance the patient's experience.
  • Sharing professional experiences of your staff regarding how they work tirelessly to treat specific medical problems.

4. Engage in Content Marketing

Engage in Content Marketing
Engage in Content Marketing

Consumers tend to interact and transact with those healthcare brands that periodically offer information and insights about the medical field from a layman’s perspective. Here, content marketing has a critical role to play. Invest in creating immersive content that -

  • Educates your website visitors.
  • Shares information on new advancements in relevant fields.
  • Contains useful tips for leveraging the latest cutting-edge technologies.
  • Provides inputs on options available to patients on the diagnostic front.
  • Offers condition management ideas.
  • Talks about symptoms to watch out for, to detect any ailment.
  • Gives news about the healthcare industry in general.

The content must be personalized, usable, and shareable. With long-tail keywords, your site can attract more targeted leads if it is in the form of ‘How to?,’ ‘How Can I,’ ‘What To Look For,’ etc. Also, post unique content on social platforms, guest blogs, and authoritative online media with backlinks to your site. This will increase your domain rank and make your site appear in relevant online searches on opening pages.

5. Focus on Location-based SEO

Focus on Location-based SEO
Focus on Location-based SEO

Your healthcare brand may have physical branches or outlets in different locations. With location-based SEO, you can geotag specific locations in your online posts. This way, the deployed content can be made to target users of desired locations and direct them to your brand’s site or mobile application.

Your healthcare digital marketing agency must optimize long-tail keywords in geotagged content to make your site appear in relevant local searches. If your outlet is in Vasant Vihar, in Delhi, for example, you can integrate search terms like ‘Where is the best XX healthcare service provider in Vasant Vihar?’ in your content to get maximum qualified local leads. Better ranking for search engine indexing is easily available for such long-tail keywords. Consider deploying geotagged content on social apps like Facebook or Instagram too.

6. Get Familiar with AI and Advanced Analytics

Get Familiar with AI and Advanced Analytics
Get Familiar with AI and Advanced Analytics

This is the decade of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The advanced analytics options offered by AI tools can make your marketing campaign failsafe. With AI platforms like Google Search Console, you can gain valuable insights into consumers’ temperaments, sensitivity to specific aspects of healthcare, behavioral patterns, and other marketable traits.

AI-driven analytics provide you with actionable inputs on -

  • Customer behavior, expectations, and sentiments
  • User heat-maps
  • Frequently used search keywords, both long and short tail.
  • Time spent by users on different activities
  • Marketable trends

Give a competitive edge to your healthcare marketing campaign with AI-powered algorithms.

7. Ask for Reviews from Patients

Ask for Reviews from Patients
Ask for Reviews from Patients

Securing positive reviews from satisfied consumers is critical for survival in a competitive marketplace. Before someone trusts your healthcare brand, they will want to verify the experience previous customers had with your company.

Patients usually are reluctant to leave reviews when their experience with your services is good. However, if they are dissatisfied, they will not spare a moment to rate your services negatively. Your service reps cannot motivate satisfied patients to write positive reviews because they are not in a position to assess patient outcomes.

You can facilitate positive reviews on the part of patients by -

  • Having a tab or computer installed in your front office through which patients can rate your service quality on a pre-defined scale.
  • Having software that can automatically detect good ratings and send emails to patients asking them to write positive reviews on your website.

Your team should reach out to those patients who had a poor experience with your service. If their issues are resolved decisively, positive reviews will come naturally.

8. Integrate Doctor Referrals into Marketing Plans.

Integrate Doctor Referrals into Marketing Plans
Integrate Doctor Referrals into Marketing Plans

You can gain new patients consistently if doctors are persuaded to refer patients to avail of your healthcare services. For this, you must have a dedicated physician liaison. They should regularly visit doctors’ clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities to rope in potential referral doctors. The liaison must stay in constant touch with doctors and incentivize them for their referrals through lunches or other goodies.

Integrating doctor referrals into your organic marketing plan can return rich dividends.


Developing a strategic marketing plan for healthcare brands has become more critical than ever before to connect with the right audience and build brand presence. Amura Marketing Technologies, a trailblazing healthcare marketing company, can empower your healthcare brand to penetrate uncharted business territories with a data-driven and consumer-first approach.

They leverage the potential of cutting-edge automation and communicative interventions to offer you actionable insights into targeted consumer behavior, enabling you to devise ad campaigns to attract more patients and boost appointments.

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