7 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Manufacturing Companies

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With studies indicating that 94% of customers in the market do their research online before purchasing a product, industries are making a beeline for the social media marketing bandwagon. However, there's a general misconception that businesses leverage marketing only for generating new leads. Social media strategies are proven to have led to an increase in company sales from existing customers by 15%. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn help earn repeat business from existing clients and drastically improve customer retention.

Naturally, manufacturing industries have caught up with the internet wave and are making slow but steady strides in digital marketing. However, there is still a long way to go. Reports ascertain that manufacturing companies spend only 8% of their company budget on marketing. A lack of knowledge vis-a-vis expert strategies for social media marketing can hinder their growth. Social media strategies for manufacturing companies can help them expand their digital footprint and increase website traffic. This post provides a complete guide to manufacturers to up their marketing game this year.

1. Identify the Audience, Goals, and Tonality

Identify the Audience, Goals, and Tonality
Identify the Audience, Goals, and Tonality

The posts on social media should reflect the unique personality and the values of the manufacturing business. To do this, it is essential for manufacturing companies using social media to share content that is:

  • Entertaining
  • Educational
  • Emotionally Convincing

Their social media audience is beyond customers. To engage them, manufacturing companies should:

  • Observe what the target audience is already engaging with and posting on social media platforms. This will give them a strong baseline of things to post in the future.
  • With Brands approval, we can share behind-the-scenes manufacturing processes or humourous tweets and relatable reels.
  • Join communities and forums related to the manufacturing industry to network with new people and brainstorm ideas for increasing engagement on social media.

2. Build Effective Social Media Profiles

Build Effective Social Media Profiles
Build Effective Social Media Profiles

Manufacturers must take time to review best practices for company pages on various social media sites.

  • For LinkedIn, they must have a well-written social profile, polished company summary, action-oriented headlines, and consistent language and branding across platforms.
  • For Facebook, they should ask trusted clients for reviews. Posting client success stories is also a sure-shot way to attract potential customers.

3. Establish a Consistent Posting Rhythm

Establish a Consistent Posting Rhythm
Establish a Consistent Posting Rhythm

The more time manufacturers spend planning their social media posts, the less time they will spend posting. By setting a posting schedule, manufacturers can:

  • Post one unique social post per day and then alter their strategy as per their experience. If increasing posting corresponds with growing engagement, it is advisable to start posting twice a day.
  • When there is no original content to post, share existing content that will be helpful to their target audience.
  • Post consistently as overposting or not posting on a regular schedule can prove hazardous for the company's social page. The former may drive people to unfollow, which will lead to a drop in reach.

4. Connect with Influencers

Connect with Influencer
Connect with Influencer

There are thought leaders and experts who have aced social media strategy for manufacturing companies. Businesses can:

  • Engage with their social media posts to leverage their massive following and get exposure. Like their page, tweet congratulations, leave comments and share their posts, if they are appropriate.
  • Some influencers known for running social media marketing for manufacturing companies are Vicki Bell and Don. Putting a face to a business can help it stand out among competitors.

5. Harness the Power of Video

Harness the Power of Video
Harness the Power of Video

With YouTube's help, manufacturers can make manufacturing processes accessible and uncomplicated. To engage with potential partners, they must:

  • Aesthetically capture all the parts of the manufacturing process on YouTube.
  • Offer training videos demonstrating how to assemble or use a product to get views.
  • Use short videos to illustrate the solutions to manufacturing-related woes small and medium businesses face.
  • Be brief, but be informative. The best-performing videos on YouTube are under two minutes long.
  • Repurpose YouTube videos for Instagram to stay consistent across platforms.

6. Leverage Analytics and Insights to See What Performs Well

Leverage Analytics and Insights to See What Performs Well
Leverage Analytics and Insights to See What Performs Well

For manufacturing companies using social media, comparing analytics and seeing what works and what doesn't is integral for the expansion of the digital footprint:

  • Most social platforms have in-built insights and analytics that give manufacturers a glimpse of the performance of their posts on manufacturing social media profiles. It's a splendid way to check which content type (videos, podcasts, or infographics) resonates with their target audience.
  • In addition to that, another tip for manufacturing companies is to perform A/B Testing to decide what kind of content to put out more often. Pick up the content type which has maximum impressions and receives interaction.

7. Have an Advertising Budget

Have an Advertising Budget
Have an Advertising Budget

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how much budget a manufacturing company should allocate for marketing. This is because manufacturing companies using social media have different budgeting needs. While some advertising budgets include operating and sales costs, others allocate budgets to promoting services and goods on social media platforms. While there is no magic number, keep in mind that for manufacturing companies using social media:

  • Reach is limited without cashing in on promoting the posts.
  • Paid advertisements help target potential customers by email, geography, interest, skill set, and gender.
  • Running paid ads on only one platform will not reap the desired results. An omnichannel approach, meaning utilizing paid Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads, is the best strategy for social media marketing for manufacturing companies.

The Final Word

The Final Word
The Final Word

Setting a measurable goal and implementing these hacks for social media marketing for manufacturing companies can help manufacturers drive successful marketing campaigns in 2022. Using digital marketing techniques, manufacturers can collect metrics and track ROI in real-time, scaling up their businesses to unimaginable heights.

To take advantage of the lucrative networking aspect of social media, connect with Amura Marketing Technologies now. India's top digital marketing agency is helping manufacturers unleash the potential of social media and boost their brand awareness using highly targeted hashtags and competitor analysis, among other tried and tested strategies known to sell more business. With Amura Marketing Technologies, manufacturers can optimize their social media into a sales channel and get an influx of leads in no time. Leverage the marketing expertise of the best digital marketing agency today to drive more revenue!

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