we engineer marketing
amura is a performance driven digital marketing agency

marketing strategy

look beyond communication design

graphic design (40%)

Developing communication design is more than just making a good looking creative. Surely, it will entice the audience to your site.But, will it convert into sales numbers?

data analytics tools (60%)

Amura's technological tools (Conversion tracking, A/B Testing , Behavioral Analysis, Social Media integration) use the communication design as a stepping stone to build up the brand story. Communication design is a science today and the digital space allows one the liberty to experiment with a variety of different designs. Gaining meaningful insights from vast amounts of data and deriving actionable strategies to target the right audiences ensures an efficient storytelling for a brand. Amura turns your passive sales channels into an interactive medium wherein your brand story is clearly reflected and help you garner the right attention from the right audience.

communication design
data driven insights

marketing strategy

does "demographic research, competitive analysis, product research, demand/reach, best MA/BA analysts" translate into  REVENUES ?
flow strategies
optimization engine
no lead
analytics & reporting

Technology is the key to success today. For a marketing strategy to be successful, a company needs an integrated cross-channel approach that covers digital as well as traditional mediums. We, at Amura, are experts in developing digital strategies that will get you the highest leads from across the globe. This is where we engineer marketing - Amura's proprietary optimization engine analyzes & optimizes all digital campaigns in real time. Using re-targeting we drive site traffic to the right sales funnels. Our marketing tools ensure that all leads are always reported i.e. there is 0% lead loss.Our lead management system (LMS) simplifies analysis and reporting by answering questions like marketing ROI, campaign performance, or campaign efficacy. All of this makes planning for the next campaign a cake walk for you.
marketing strategy

data driven insights

know your market. know your customer. be empowered.
As companies go digital, they start collecting vast amounts of data - through internal and external systems like CRM, BW, marketing campaigns, enquiry forms, emails, web requests, social media presence and other sources. This data contains a wealth of information. We feed all this data into our Big Data solution. Our algorithm sieves through this data to present to you the most exciting and insightful results

At a macro level, using funnels, we tell you answers to questions like where are your customers dropping off? where are they spending most time? which sales person is driving most closures? or which one is slacking off?
At a micro level, using segmentation, you can profile every single customer from first contact to closure, track various metrics per customer, group similar profiles and improve conversion ratio.