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Loss of product differentiation

Everyday, doctors have to choose between prescribing drugs by different brands with similar functional or structural analogs. How do they differentiate between two equally big brands with similar products? How do you get them to show your drug preference? This loss of product differentiation is a big challenge for pharmaceutical companies just like you, the world over.

Creating top of the mind recall

The pharmaceutical industry is a cutthroat one in terms of competition. Smaller players simply don’t get the same kind of exposure and doctor interactions that bigger brands do, while bigger brands get caught up in the fray of competition too. As a result, there’s little or no top-of-the-mind recall with doctors, creating a struggle for boosting sales.

Reaching out to the right target audience, cost-effectively

You wouldn’t be surprised to know that a large number of pharmaceutical companies face the simple problem of reach. With physicians substantially decreasing the amount of time allocated to each medical sales representative, it’s important to understand exactly who your target audience is in terms of doctors and how you can reach them effectively - without needing the vastly inflated budgets of a TV advertisement, for example.

No attribution model for sales

Attributing sales is a common problem for pharmaceutical companies, both large and small. Amongst the 10 channels being used for distribution, how do you know which are working and contributing most to sales? Very often, the increase and decrease in sales is not being attributed to the right channel.

Amura's End to End Solutions

A concentrated marketing effort to drive more patient-doctor interactions

At Amura, we run streamlined performance-driven marketing and content marketing campaigns targeted to end-users i.e. patients, allowing them to get in touch with your affiliated doctors. These campaigns include mailers, video series, blog posts & articles and social media posts that encourage users to ‘consult a doctor’. This type of patient-doctor network facilitation creates instantaneous brand differentiation in the minds of doctors.

Running brand engagement campaigns

We'll drive brand engagement campaigns that will result in a multi-channel presence. An omni-channel approach will be adopted for bringing together patients with doctors across different marketing channels like websites, social media, landing pages and email. This will lead to more top-of-the-mind recall with doctors, more interactions between doctors & patients and will help your brand - and consequently sales - to grow.

Leveraging digital media to replace lowered face times with doctors

At Amura, we live and breathe performance-driven campaigns. Our campaigns are tailored to specific, qualified target audiences and constantly optimised to achieve targets. With digital media, you can reach doctors without needing manforce, where you know they're spending time everyday - on the internet.

Creation of an attribution model

We’ll create an attribution model specific to your company structure and processes, and boost one channel at a time. We track this one unit or branded asset to calculate its impact on sales, so you can optimise your processes to those that bring you the most value. We also conduct focussed marketing efforts in select regions and track them so you get streamlined results.

About Skin and Hair Academy

Glenmark, India's research-driven global pharmaceutical organisation, partnered with Amura to create a powerful and distinct digital presence and boost online customer engagement.

The company hosts an informative digital portal “Skin & Hair Academy”, which also acts as a touchpoint between users and dermatologists across the country. A user can access tips and trick on skin & hair care, or find a nearby dermatologist to book an appointment with via the provided toll-free number and extension.

Glenmark approached Amura with a view to boosting consumer reach, creating digital branded experiences and ultimately boosting enquiries for affiliated dermatologists.


  • To establish a strong & comprehensive online presence
  • To create brand engagement for Skin & Hair Academy, the company’s digital portal
  • To generate enquiries for affiliated dermatologists on the portal
  • To reduce the high number of call drops taking place because of an undefined user flow in the “Find A Dermatologist” section
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