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Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. is among India’s leading producers of industrial chemicals and fertilizers. Smartchem Technologies Limited (STL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of DFPCL, is one of India’s largest and most renowned manufacturers of bulk and speciality fertilisers. The company's fertilisers are marketed under its flagship brand Mahadhan.

  • Mahadhan has a network of 4500 dealers across India. However, they lacked top-of-the-mind recall among farmers, who were dependent upon distributors to supply them with the right brand.

  • Based on the current situation and market penetration, the brand was keen on moving from a commoditized product-offering company to one providing value-added solutions to the farming community.

  • 1 - Creating brand awareness about Mahadhan among the rural community.
  • 2 - Directly reaching out to the farming community instead of relying on a dealer network for distributing the right fertilizers.
  • 3 - Substantiating presence of Mahadhan as a one-stop shop for all farming requirements.
Market Research

Sources for Data Collection:

1 - 15,000 registered farmers who were already purchasing Mahadhan fertilisers.

2 - Data from multiple offline events conducted by dealers & Mahadhan representatives across the country and across the entire supply chain.

Primary Research:

1 - We conducted on-the-ground surveys to understand farmers’ presence on the internet and their content preferences in terms of tonality & flavor.

2 -Questions like what style of videos appeal to farmers, how much pure educational content is consumed, and whether memes would work in rural India could only be answered post data-analysis of their consumption pattern.

3 - Using Facebook Audience Insights, we could analyse the volume of traffic present on the internet in the specific districts where the fertilizer was being supplied.

4 - Using Google Keyword Planner, we could analyse the monthly searches for people who were searching for relevant information on farming and utilization of fertilizers during the plant life.

Secondary Research:

Although many secondary research reports highlighted a poor state of affairs amongst farmers, there were various reports pointing towards a rapid expansion of the internet, social media and vernacular searches in rural India.

The Campaign Idea

To reach out to the farmers, we decided to take a step back from fertilisers & crops and look at the perception within the community. Even with agriculture playing one of the largest roles in the Indian economy, we found that the vision behind the farming community and its perception is distinctly lacking in aspirational value. The campaign “Motha Swapna Bagha - Empower Your Dreams” aimed at bringing the pride of farming back to the community.

The idea fitted in with our goal to empower farmers with relevant information, the know-how of modern techniques and the knowledge they require to take informed decisions. It also had the added approach of appealing to the Gen Y in the farming community (who so are increasingly opting for opportunities outside farming) and encouraging them to bring the future to farming in India.

With this idea, we were able to create a campaign that would appeal to them and that they were able to relate to, while meeting our end goals.
Touchpoints Used for campaign penetration:

A 360º omnichannel closed-loop digital campaign. The idea was to leverage multiple channels and create at least 4-5 touch points every day with each farmer. Our touch points included Facebook, WhatsApp, Mobile App, IVR Calls, Website and Crop Seminars.

Mahadhan mobile app to guide farmers with their farming needs. Through the app, farmers can access information about crops and the different kinds of fertilisers needed to increase the yield of those crops. One of the most useful features of the app is the dosage calculator, which helps the farmer gauge the exact quantity and type of fertiliser required for his crop as per his land type.

The “Crop Information” feature - the most popular one on the app - provides information about land preparation, spacing and seed rate, crop nutrition, weed management, disease management, harvesting & post-harvesting measures, and more.

The app also provides the farmer with the nearest Mahadhan dealer location, live weather updates & sabji mandi prices so that he can take informed decisions in an otherwise unpredictable industry and market.

A mix of content buckets on the website & social media platforms, that included topics such as crop information, product information, importance of soil testing and balanced soil nutrition, to propagate information, in addition to engagement-oriented content such as innovative farming techniques, Did-You-Know Series and photo contests such as “Kheti Mein Aapka Saathi”.

Video content was leveraged in the form of testimonials from farmers & informative sessions by crop experts in the name of “Mahadhan ka Mahamantra” via the Facebook Live Platform.

A TVC in Hindi and other vernacular languages to generate widespread engagement and change the impression of farming being an underappreciated profession.

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  • Cost per engagement as low as Rs. 0.03 on social media.
  • 70% of our IVR recordings successfully communicated.
  • 6000+ enquiries generated from farmers on social media, and answered in real time.
Over 75,000 page likes
949.2K minutes of video viewed
60,618 Instream video views
42,343 impressions of bumper ads
Call campaign
Over 3500 missed calls in 5 days
Average call duration of 8-18 seconds
Mobile App
10,000 App installs
4000 Events on App Per Day
42 unique events per user per day
4.8 rating on Google Play Store
  • Winner
    Best Integrated Marketing Campaign
    Rural Marketing Category
    Global Excellence Awards
  • Winner
    Best Mobile App Utility
    Mobby’s Awards
  • Winner
    Best Digital Marketing Campaign
    Mobby’s Awards
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