Royal Purandar

Royal Purandar is a township with N.A. Villa Plots developed by Carcanet Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd located off NH4. It is an active living destination spread across 160 Acres of land, with amenities for adventure and fitness and N.A Plots starting from Rs. 25 Lacs plus Villas starting from Rs. 57 Lacs.

The development is nestled amid hills, offering sustainable living inspired by nature and beautiful mist-covered forest & hill views. One of the project’s main attractions is its multitude of world-class amenities - leisure, outdoor, adventure and recreational related activities.

To map the company’s sales processes in order to identify problems and boost sales velocity.
Lesser number enquiries due to lack of brand awareness and absence of brand equity.
No defined marketing strategy for its customers.
No offline integration with digital marketing campaigns.
Campaign & Execution

The positioning of Royal Purandar as a lucrative investment was done with a concept of assured returns on investment. Amura helped the brand right from the mapping of sales and operations processes along with resources internally and externally handling pre-sales, logistics and sales for the brand aiming at a conversion rate of 4%.

  • High intensity digital activities were undertaken to create maximum touchpoints across online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Content Marketing, Custom media activations and promotions and contests on social media platforms.

  • Other Digital Marketing strategies were implemented such as :
    • Database marketing: Emailers | SMSs | Whatsapp (Local & Nurturing)
    • Microsites and mobile sites
    • Referral schemes – Mailers | CRM integrated Web forms
    • Re-marketing campaign & lead nurturing activities
    • Rich media activations - Digital PR
    • Video promotions

  • Offline Marketing Integration with digital was undertaken in the form of Hoardings , Way boards, Signages, branding on site visit transportation vehicles, Exhibitions, PR Activities and more.

  • The Royal Purandar Facebook Page for Live Inspired was created as a major brand property. The page featured inspiring Milind Soman creatives focused towards a greener life, active living and rustic modernity to maintain a balance between indoor and outdoor living.
  • The campaign also featured tie-ups with various events to reach out the mass audience across the city and conducting CSR initiatives and on-site activities for them. Some of these included:

    • Pre-run with Milind Soman promoting Pune Running Beyond Myself run 2016 Association with Pune Running Beyond Myself which was a major hit amongst active living enthusiasts. Press Conference post pre-run with Milind Soman.

    • A women-centric campaign for India’s biggest women’s run to promote women empowerment across India. A trek for cancer survivor patients organised by Pinkathon at Royal Purandar

    • A separate campaign for women real estate investors was executed around this time, where the 1st Woman Co-applicant got Stamp Duty & Registration Fees off as an incentive to book their dream home. This helped the overall sales efforts in terms of interested enquiries from the female target audience.
  • Role of Sell.Do - A Technology Enabled Campaign
    Sell.Do - Amura’s sales , marketing and advertising automation platform was used to manage the entire Sales & Marketing functions of the campaign. Some of the features of Sell.Do which enabled the success of the entire campaign

    Marketing Campaign Setup | Campaign Tracking | Cloud Telephony & IVR | Real Estate Portal Integrations | Pre Sales & Sales Team | Lead Pipeline Analysis | Daily Reporting | Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring

    • The entire logistics behind pick up & drop services was managed effectively by Sell.Do with integrations with the cab provider for seamless updates & site visit confirmations.
    • Sell.Do captured leads from all marketing channels - Online + Offline - thus making sure ROI for every marketing activity was measurable.
    • Every other campaign planned was undertaken on the basis of previous campaign performance data from Sell.Do.
    • Sell.Do’s big data algorithms helped in Lead Scoring to ensure the highest intent prospects were immediately called up & engaged by the Sales Team.
    • Sell.Do helped in the efficient and effective co-ordination between the Pre-Sales Team in Pune & the sales team at the Royal Purandar site. This majorly helped during Site Visit confirmations & updates.
  • Since online media was the primary medium for lead generation, offline support & experience was equally important.
  • The biggest challenge was for arranging Site Visits in terms of the logistics for taking interested customers to the Royal Purandar site, a 45-min drive away from Pune.


Following Initiatives helped arranging site visits & making the experience at the site memorable:

  • Pick up & drop process - Tie up with Professional Cab Agency. Drivers were trained & sensitized about the project location & informed to engage the customers with relevant conversations. Feedback survey forms helped maintain the quality of travel service.
  • New Sales Office - This featured a renovated Site Visit Office with an experience zone with Milind Soman branded project communication. Milind Soman voiceovers & videos to engage the waiting customers. A Choice of refreshments with snacks by professional catering agency.
  • Authentic Maharashtrian Lunch - 
    Organic & fresh food cooked at the site with local villagers’ produce during the Site Visit accentuated the experience further
  • Funtastic Weekend events
    There were special Funtastic Weekend events organised with additional support staff & family zones to engage families that visited over the weekend.
  • Special Valet Parking services for people who visited individually.
bookings worth Rs. 36 crores in 6 months.
more Site Visits - compared to when Amura started on the project.
leads captured from the campaign - Online + Offline
site visits conducted within a span of 200 days.