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Case Study
KPDL - IVY Estate
KPDL - IVY Estate

Amura’s Marketing & Sales automation platform Sell.Do ensures Kolte Patil Ivy Estate Phase - II campaign success.

About The Client

The biggest pain point for any organisational leadership is in understanding their consumer’s behaviour patterns, the end ROI and how many prospects are converted into actual customers. All these questions need to be answered and a game changing system is one which can exactly provide you these answers, while being easy to use and readily accessible at the same time.

In Aug’ 2014 KPDL adopted Sell.Do and integrated their marketing & sales processes with the Sell.Do platform. All major features of the Sell.Do platform were taken onboard.

Some time before the Ivy Estate campaign, KPDL had also run a highly successful and awarded campaign known as “Nest Fest” which had created a certain expectation for KPDL about Sell.Do. Outdoing their previous achievement would be now a challenge - but one for which the Sell.Do Product & Support teams were prepared.


Kolte Patil is one of the leading developers of Pune. As our client, some of the major challenges Kolte Patil used to face was:

  • Keeping a track of their enquiries - This translated into tracking how many enquiries have been coming in; whether they have all been covered by sales team and how many enquires converted into actual leads.

  • Challenges in try to monitor the pre-sales team at the time of campaign. This meant understanding the availability of each agent for taking enquires and for how long they spent in speaking to potential customers

  • Challenges in organising their teams in such a way that the maximum volume could be cover in minimum possible time.

Ivy Estate Campaign Objective
  • To generate awareness and buzz across target geographies about the launch of Phase - II.
  • Generate enough qualified leads to drive 40% sales out of the overall sales, translating to more than 110+ sales to be done through both the online e-commerce portal and the conversion through leads,
  • Targeting NRIs for premium inventory like row houses and 3 BHKs, - To support offline/onsite initiatives by generating buzz and driving people to site during these events.

Inventory and Target Geographies
  • Inventory available for the campaign included Ivy row houses, Ivy apartments, Ivy Botanica and Umang Pride starting at 50 lacs.
  • Target geographies included: Mumbai, Pune , Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Indore, Surat, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, ROM, United States, UAE, Singapore,Saudi Arabia,Oman
  • Initial targeting to only the local (non-NRI) audience; search will be global but apart from taboola and outbrain, no spends on display initially targeting NRIs. Depending on the response in the first 15-20 days, team to decide on targeting NRIs.

Through Taboola (global content marketing platform) local audience was initially targeted followed by a global marketing campaign for NRI markets. Strategy would be re-evaluated based on response data gathered every 15-20 days.


Findings from the Campaign
Some of the major findings as analysed from the campaign were:

  • The Call Center Module, which was implemented during the campaign, was very effective. It helped KPDL understand the productivity of its agents. It also helped in structuring the working hours, which in turn ensured that at any given point in time, at least one pre-sales user was available to take clients enquiries.
  • With the help of Sell.Do, agents were able to mail all product brochures and project details to customers either during the call or right after thus increasing the chances of converting the prospects into interested customers, as all product information was now available to them.
  • Active support from the Sell.Do Support Team also helped to resolve all technical and non- technical queries raised by the Client Team on the spot drastically reducing the time involved.
  • Creating different teams for different task helped in managing the leads in a systematic manner.
  • Lead governing features and on-the-fly data available in Sell.Do helped management keep a track of all the leads and monitor the progress of the campaign.

All in all, the Ivy Estate campaign was a very successful campaign, and we at Sell.Do are proud to have played a significant part in its success.

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