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Case Study
Ishanya Mall

India's 1st & largest revolutionary concept mall for Home Interiors & Design.

"Not only is a beautiful home more comfortable, but it’s a matter of pride! Who wouldn’t love to come home to a beautifully-designed space?"


Ishanya is an incredible fusion of design, art, fashion, food, leisure and business. Spanning a remarkable 6,00,000 Lac sq. ft., it caters to a range of home décor needs under 1 roof, with different sub-brands that include Houslife and The HomeSukh, services like MyFitBHK and leading global brands like the Ashley HomeStore.


Ishanya’s main challenges spanned across three aspects:

  • Establishing a large number of enquiries and boosting the low number of walk-ins
  • Creating brand visibility in the market on all mediums - online and offline
  • Aligning offline activities with digital campaigns for an integrated marketing approach

The aim of the campaign was to promote the brands and create home & lifestyle inspiration for people by showcasing the incredible shopping experience along with the refined products of its renowned brands.

Amura came up with a go-to-market strategy for Ishanya Mall with an aim to increase the number of walk-ins via our digital campaigns and to increase their sales within a year.The strategy revolved around the main brands of Ishanya Mall such as Homesukh, Houslife, MyFitBHK and the global brand Ashley, which is North America’s largest furniture brand launched exclusively in Pune at Ishanya.

The brand was positioned as the biggest and only furniture destination that caters to people’s home decor needs as a one-stop platform and offers them with an exclusive lifestyle concept. Amura helped the brand to understand its audience segmentation by conducting an extensive research and audits and mapping them with its sub-brands with the help of digital campaigns, taking in hand different initiatives for the brand.

  • Vigorous set of activities were conducted to achieve Ishanya’s targets of brand visibility and offline integration that includes engagement activities, contests, offline integrated promotions and brand posts to boost Ishanya’s presence across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Here’s a glimpse of the activities that were undertaken to deliver the brand value and enhance its engagement by creating a positive sentiment for the brand:
  •  Engagement contests - To increase brand engagement
     Event promotion posts - To boost brand recall and get more walk-ins on site
     Calendar events - Propagated on all social media pages to boost brand engagement
     ORM - Answered queries received via Facebook, as comments on ad campaigns/newsfeed posts as well as on Instagram and Twitter posts
     Offer promotion posts - To increase footfall in the mall
  • Several social media campaigns were executed across digital platforms for the sub-brands of Ishanya to meet their objective and drive more walk-ins at the mall through pre-registration on social media platforms.

  • One of the most successful social media campaigns included Ishanya Valentine’s Day contest.

  •  The aim was to drive engagement where participants were required to post a picture of their loved one with #MyValentineClick. The most popular entries would stand to win vouchers.
     For offline integration, an offer promotion was carried out via regular posting where Ishanya offered heavy discounts. 5 lucky winners who shopped above a Rs. 99,900 value stood to win a holiday package from Club Mahindra.

  • Hyperlocal targeting was done to attract people for the offline events, driving more walk-ins at the mall like for the Ashley launch that came out to be another successful event for Ishanya. America’s No. 1 home furnishing brand was launched for the 1st time in Pune, exclusively in Ishanya. Social media was used to generate a buzz for the launch with a series of teaser posts showcasing the most exquisite designs. Similarly, the launch event was covered and promoted across digital platforms.
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns were executed with a focused approach to promote brands of Ishanya that surpassed all the set targets and generated high leads on platforms such as Google and Facebook.

  • For Ishanya, different recreational venues like Xlr8, Zora, Blue Frog within Ishanya Mall were promoted via Google and Facebook campaigns to maximise footfall. In addition to the regular campaigns carried out for Ishanya, an additional discount of 5% was offered to the leads that were generated via forms on Google or Facebook, just to ensure maximum online leads, which got converted to maximised footfalls.

    For Homesukh & Houslife, Facebook Lead Generation Campaign performed extraordinarily well using strategic campaign tracking and optimization techniques that resulted into 400-500 leads, where an initial target was to achieve just 50 leads within the same budget of around Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 75,000.

  • Search Engine Optimization methods also played a major role in achieving targets unexpectedly, that improved SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings with more time spent by the audience on the site that resulted into lower bounce rates. Informative blogs were also added on the site to engage more people and associate them with the brand.

All these activities generated positive and outstanding reviews for the brand that increased sales for the brand fulfilling customer expectations and offering them with a unique experience.

The overall campaign for the brand Ishanya turned out to be a great success which made Ishanya as one of the most popular malls in Pune that witnesses a steady stream of visitors and buyers today.

The results far exceeded initial targets and expectations manifold.

The KPIs that were set for the whole year were achieved in a time span of 3 months.